SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips

Trader Joe's Ghost Pepper Potato Chips

I’m sweating a little from just looking at the photo above. (Spotted by Rachel C at Trader Joe’s.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper Potato Chips”

  1. Dear Trader Joes,

    The Ghost Pepper is old news. Please search Google and get up with the times. Ghost Pepper is out and Reaper Pepper is in. Please check Google next month for the current hottest pepper. 🙂

  2. Yet another Ghost Pepper product with no heat whatsoever, If you’re gonna call something Ghost Pepper flavored make sure it has some actual ghost pepper in it. I understand not everyone can take the serious heat but you’ve already weakened habanero beyond recognition, let me have my ghost pepper.

  3. I understand that there are those individuals who don’t think something is hot enough unless their family or friends must call 911 for them because they can no longer speak from the pain and are frothing at the mouth. That, however, is not how the bulk of the chip eating public, gets their kicks. I, for one, love the new Trader Joe’s Ghost Pepper chips. They bring as much flavor as they bring heat. The heat is substantially more than you would find with a regular spicy chip, without getting so hot that you can’t drive and eat them at the same time. I appreciate that they have my best interests in mind and provide a balance of flavor and heat. For those of you who prefer to froth at the mouth from heat, go eat a ghost pepper!

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