Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

TGI Fridays Happy Hour Snack Mix (Cheddar Bacon and Sweet & Spicy)

TGI Fridays Happy Hour Snack Mix (Cheddar Bacon and Sweet & Spicy)

Is it really a happy hour if you’re spending it with one of these bags? (Spotted by Travis at 7-Eleven.)

The Good Table Southwest Tortilla, Crunchy Thai Peanut, and Parmesan & Herb

The Good Table Southwest Tortilla, Crunchy Thai Peanut, and Parmesan & Herb

I’d like to apologize to Morgan, who sent in a photo of the Thai Peanut in August. I didn’t post it because I knew there were other flavors and I was waiting for someone to send in a photo of them. But then days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Finally, someone sent in a photo of them. Although, I have yet to receive the Lemon & Herb flavor for fish. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

Gardein Sweet and Sour Porkless Bites

Gardein Sweet and Sour Porkless Bites

Gardein Mini Crispy Crabless Cakes

Gardein Mini Crispy Crabless Cakes

I’d like to think that these are payback for all the vegetables we’ve wrapped in bacon. (Spotted by Kevin G at Mariano’s.)

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pretzel Twists

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pretzel Twists

I wonder if the kid in the back is saying that sarcastically. (Spotted by Sylvia at Trader Joe’s.)

Thank you to all the photo contributors! If you’re out shopping and see an interesting new or limited edition product on the shelf, snap a picture of it, and send us an email ( with where you found it and “Spotted” in the subject line. Or reply to us (@theimpulsivebuy) on Twitter with the photo, where you spotted it, and the hashtag #spotted. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

Also, if you’re wondering if we’ve already covered something, search our Flickr photos or use the Google Search box on the right (or below if you’re on a mobile device) to find out.

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 10/19/2015”

  1. Gardein Mini Crispy Crabless Cakes <– Maybe it is the carnivore in me talking (or the fact that it is below 65 degrees in my office), but what the *BLEEP* is the point????

  2. Gardein is really good. If the porkless bites are anything like their pulled porkless shreds in the BBQ Pocket Meal, definitely worth a try.

    The point, Sophia, is that people can like aspects of the tastes of things and the protein hit without wanting to eat a dead animal…. I gag at the thought of the veggie crab myself, but I always hated dead seafood and so don’t miss that taste at all. But BBQ anything in veggie form is worth trying for me. Likewise for veggie sausages and burgers, veggie chicken-type patties and deli slices etc. The forms are very convenient, they pack a lot of plant protein, and if you get the right brand – they taste very good. Even my carnivorous relatives liked meatloaf made with my stash of Loma Linda Vege-Burger, for instance, when to their horror they were all out of dead animal and stores were closed for a holiday.

    Non-veggie types seem to be buying a lot of veggie protein foods these days. Sometimes it’s just for the taste (they’re all different, many are not trying to mimic dead animal counterparts although Gardein does). The texture is much nicer than meat as well (no surprises), plus there must be some nutritional benefits non-veggies are interested in (fewer calories? no cholesterol?). Or maybe they just want to cut down on foods like meat that use a disproportionate amount of resources or just feel better with less meat in their diet but want the easy protein fix that they can use in their standard recipes. Or maybe they just want to avoid parasites and other unpleasantries that can enter the meat supply.

    1. Hello, I’m wondering what state these Gardein products were spotted in? I’m looking everywhere, calling spots, even Gardein couldn’t give me a location as to where to by them anywhere within a 100 mile radius of NJ. Just curious where they actually are selling them. Thank you.

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