SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cherry Vanilla Pepsi Made With Real Sugar

Cherry Vanilla Pepsi Made with Real Sugar

There’s a Wild Cherry Pepsi Made With Real Sugar and a Vanilla Pepsi Made With Real Sugar, so why not combine the two to make Cherry Vanilla Pepsi Made With Real Sugar for a limited time. (Spotted by Allen at Winn-Dixie.)

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12 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Cherry Vanilla Pepsi Made With Real Sugar”

  1. I got it from Walmart a little over a week ago. It’s not quite the same as it was when I got to test it earlier this year (this version is a bit heavier on the vanilla than the test cans I got) but it’s still really good. Very smooth without either flavor being too over-powering.

    1. I just bought 3 (12packs) of this great tasting soda and if it is only for a limited time, I will be buying more…

  2. I found cherry vanilla (not made with real sugar) in 20oz bottles at my local speedway today. I died and went to Hevean. Now if we could only get this caffeine free…

  3. Just tried Pepsi Cherry Vanilla for the first time, (not made with sugar). It sucks. You people that like it must have a problem with your taste buds. Cherry Coke with creme soda added is a thousand times better. Enjoy it while you can, there is no way they will continue to sell that crap.

  4. I love the Cherry Vanilla Pepsi. It tastes great. I hope Pepsi will not discontinue the product. I am a vanilla fan and it is great in this Pepsi. I hope it will come out in two liter bottles soon.

  5. Cherry Vanilla Pepsi is great. Please do not discontinue this product. Needs to be in two liter bottles also.

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