SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Blue Bunny Seasonal Selections Holi-Doodle Christmas Cookie Ice Cream

Blue Bunny Seasonal Selections Holi-Doodle Christmas Cookie Ice Cream

Sugar cookie flavored ice cream with swirls of green buttercream frosting and cinnamon graham revel with red sprinkles and snickerdoodle cookie dough. Holi-Doodle Doo! (Spotted by Megan A at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Blue Bunny Seasonal Selections Holi-Doodle Christmas Cookie Ice Cream”

  1. With no Blue Bell Christmas Cookies this year, this might be a worthy substitute. I’m probably setting expectations too high, but the Blue Bunny Cinnamon Apple Pie was quite nice this fall, and even the Pumpkin Pie was better than expected.

      1. I agree, it is 100% better than Blue Bell Christmas Cookies and I was a HUGE fan of Christmas Cookies. I prefer this one by Blue Bunny however, as they use cookie dough over cookies and if you do not like cookie dough we’ve got some issues…. 😉

        But back to Blue Bell, I miss KRAZY COOKIE DOUGH 🙁

      2. Hope you’re right. Just need to find it in one of my stores (still have Pumpkin and Apple Pie) so I can try it myself.

  2. This stuff tastes like those holiday butter cookies that nearly every holiday party has. Its great.

  3. I was surprised at how tasty this ice cream is. The only con is it has an icy, crunchy taste to it.

  4. As an ice cream fanatic (I’ve been known to drive 45 mins. to a Kroger for the sole purpose of purchasing their Private Selection ice cream–it’s great!), I have always found myself disappointed by Blue Bunny varietals. They sound wonderful with their descriptions, but have always let me down when the lid comes off. When I saw this one, I put my previous judgments aside and resigned myself to try again. My faith was finally rewarded, as this ice cream was wonderful! The sprinkles add great texture, the flavor is rich, and the mix-in’s are great! Do yourself a favor and try this one!

  5. Disappointed this was already off the shelves at my stores while Pumpkin Spice (also with a Seasonal Select label) is still well stocked, even though they came out around the same time (I think Pumpkin even came out before, though it is a little less time sensitive than something with “Christmas” in the title).

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