SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Project 7 Gingerbread Snap and Red Velvet Cupcake Gourmet Gum

Project 7 Gingerbread Snap and Red Velvet Cupcake Gourmet Gum

Not sure if I’m supposed to be impressed or horrified with these gum flavors. (Spotted by Sylvia at World Market.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Project 7 Gingerbread Snap and Red Velvet Cupcake Gourmet Gum”

  1. hm… since Wrigley’s already has a long time running cinnamon flavored gum (Big Red and extra had and still has a large range of dessert flavored gum (e.g. Cinnamon Roll) i’m not that suprized or think they can’t taste good. ^^

  2. As someone whose love for gingerbread is so great that he once adopted the holiday moniker “The Gingerbread Dan,” I felt I had to try this one.

    Aaaand, it’s like chewing on a holiday air freshener. Way too floral and chemical-y. So unlike the real Gingerbread Man, don’t even try to catch this one.

    1. Dan! You brave soul! You really tried the gingerbread gum!
      Alright… i would have done so too since i also love gingerbread and speculoos ^^

      I still have a Speculoos granola in my closed which i think you would love and i’m pretty devastated that i can’t sent you a bowl so easily…

      1. I tried it. It was in my Christmas stocking. I had one piece. It’s awful. Just awful. I don’t even want to talk about how overly sweet and horribly disgusting it is. Never again will I chew it.

  3. If I see these at the checkout lane, I’ll probably buy and try them. My hopes are not high, inasmuch as the birthday cake flavor is just… odd. But I’m still just that curious.

    1. i was going to say the birthday cake flavored one is not good. it tastes weird, like you said. the extra birthday cake gum was good, though.

  4. I bought some of these for stocking stuffers before Christmas at Target. My daughter loves Red Velvet Cake and this gum tastes EXACTLY like it! It also maintains the flavor and stays soft while chewing, unlike some gums that lead to jaw fatigue. I haven’t tried the gingerbread yet but if it’s as good as the other, we will be searching for more!

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