FAST FOOD NEWS: Burger King Holiday Beverages (Secret Santa, Jolly Reindeer, and Mistletow Flow)

Burger King Holiday Beverages  Secret Santa Jolly Reindeer and Mistletow Flow

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

Impulsive Buy reader Brad sent in this photo from a Burger King in Chicago. It appears the fast food chain is offering special holiday cola beverages at locations that have Coke Freestyle Machines.

There are three flavors available. Secret Santa has cherry, lime, and vanilla flavors. Jolly Reindeer has a festive blend with vanilla flavor. Finally, Mistletoe Flow is a zero calorie blend with vanilla flavor.

If you seen these Holiday Beverages at your Burger King, let us know in the comments. Also, if you’ve tried any of them, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

28 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Burger King Holiday Beverages (Secret Santa, Jolly Reindeer, and Mistletow Flow)”

  1. I actually tried the Coke Zero blend. It was Vanilla and something which could be best be described as maybe pine? (Like in Pine trees)

    Couldn’t quite place it. But it was good.

    1. Yeah, the Mistletoe Flow was like drinking a Christmas wreath, in a good way! I found it on accident last weekend and was surprised to see next-to-nothing online about it, to the point where I wondered if I somehow made it up in my head. Glad to know I’m only functionally crazy!

  2. Really hoping the “festive blend” in the Jolly Reindeer is reminiscent of Pepsi Holiday Spice

  3. I tried the reindeer and it tastes like a Vanilla Coke with a hint of a rootbeer flavor…I can’t honestly decide if I like it or not.

  4. I tried the secret santa and it’s amazing to me. On impulse you taste the cherry and lime but the after taste reminds me of vanilla coke. Its quite pleasant!!!

    1. Finally came back to taste them. Secret Santa was the most interesting and I ended up depleting the machine of that (and mistletoe, which makes me guess that the vanilla flavor died).

      Mistltoe wasn’t anything special, but runner up in flavor.

      Reindeer was boring. Rootbeer/Coke combo is something I’ve had before, so nothing new.

  5. When I first saw the names I thought BK was selling alcoholic drinks. The Jolly Reindeer wasn’t bad.

  6. I saw these at my local Burger King in Tempe, AZ, but they were all marked unavailable. I also found them at Firehouse Subs. However, they only had Secret Santa and Mistletoe Flow. Jolly Reindeer wasn’t even an option.

  7. I honestly can’t get enough of the Jolly Reindeer. Vanilla Rootbeer meets Coca-Cola with a twinge of something special to make it taste like Christmas!

  8. Mistletoe Flow tasted Christmasy , no idea how to explain it. I drank it,I think liked it, dont really want it again.

  9. I tried the Secret Santa in New Braunfels, Texas. Sorry to say I thought it tasted DISGUSTING…but that’s just my opinion. I wish Santa would have kept that one a secret lol!

  10. I just seen it for the first time near Sheridam Indiana, so ordered the Jolly Reindeer seemed to me Coke mixed with a little root beer with a hint of anise & vanilla added??? VERY GOOD!

  11. I’m currently working in a burger King restaurant and the jolly reindeer drink is a combination of vanilla coke & vanilla root beer in an equal proportion.

  12. Let me tell you something off rip. That Secret Santa mix GOES…I mean forreal this drank is fire. FIYA. Chronic. The lime flavor makes that bit** hit hard af. When the cherry comes into contact with the taste buds..LAWD. Unreal experience to be straight. Vanilla killa. Signing off


  13. In my opinion:

    Secret Santa – This tastes exactly like what the ingredients say. This could be recreated on a freestyle machine by mixing the three ingredients (vanilla, cherry, lime) in equal parts. More lime than anything though. The aftertaste kind of reminded me slightly of a lime skittle. I don’t think those exist anymore though.

    Jolly Reindeer – Tasted strongly of root beer with a slight aftertaste of vanilla coke.

    Mistletoe Flow – Tasted like coke zero with vanilla, nothing more.

  14. Here are my opinions (I literally went to the same Burger King as Dave above)

    Secret Santa – To me this tasted exactly like what the ingredients say. I’m pretty sure this could be recreated on a freestyle machine by mixing the three ingredients (vanilla, cherry, lime) in the right parts. I liked this the best.

    Jolly Reindeer – To me this tasted strongly of root beer, with a slight aftertaste of coke.

    Mistletoe Flow – To me this tasted like coke zero with vanilla, nothing more. I honestly didn’t taste any other flavors at all.

  15. I tried the Secret Santa has cherry, lime, and vanilla flavors, it was delicious!! I hadn’t seen them advertised on tv I just happend to stop by a BK last weekend. Not sure how long they will stick around but if you can’t a chance you should try them!

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