Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Great Value Red and Green Tortilla Chips

Great Value Red and Green Tortilla Chips

Christmas colored or salsa colored? (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

Sconza Candy Cane Pretzels

Sconza Candy Cane Pretzels

Why didn’t Sconza call these candy cane pretzel balls? (Spotted by Carla at Walgreens.)

Giant Craft Peach Pear Soda and Pluot Soda

Giant Craft Peach Pear Soda and Pluot Soda

Giant Craft Root Beer and Ginger Beer

Giant Craft Root Beer and Ginger Beer

Giant Craft Cream Soda and Black Cherry Cream Soda

Giant Craft Cream Soda and Black Cherry Cream Soda

Had to look up “pluot.” It’s a plum-apricot hybrid. Pluto is definitely a better name than apriums, apriplums, or plumcots. (Spotted by Brooke at Giant.)

Hammond's Grasshopper Pie Bar

Hammond’s Grasshopper Pie Bar

Whenever there’s a candy bar that tastes like an ice cream dessert, I’d rather save my money and buy the actual ice cream dessert. Looks like I have to save my money and go to Baskin-Robbins now. (Spotted by Carla at Target.)

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25 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 12/16/2015”

  1. Nowadays, I’d worry that something called grasshopper pie might contain grasshoppers… (Note the cricket protein powder craze.)

  2. Really want to try those Giant craft sodas! Love those unique flavor ideas! Never saw a Giant store in my little corner of southeast Ohio though. What part of the country are Giant stores in?

    1. You and me both, they sound delicious. Southern California here and I’ve never heard of Giant either.

    2. All over southeastern PA. Pluot soda was at the check out registers today alongside mints & gum. $1/bottle on sale.

      1. Wow that’s a great deal! I was never able to find it online and had given up as I figured they had been discontinued. Southeastern Pennsylvania is about an 8 hour drive from here. I may just end up having to take it if I’m ever gonna get to try pluot or peach pear soda! Lol

      1. I still never did get to try them! Good to hear they’re still available if I can ever drive that far or find someone to ship some. Unfortunately that “H” person vanished..

        1. I didn’t disappear so much as I forgot to check back after the holidays. Well, I guess that is disappearing. Sorry. I only thought about returning when I went to buy some soda (giving up soda was a new years resolution and I’ve managed to stay on the wagon almost 8 months!!), and found new flavors in place of the originals. Now they have red grapefruit, some sort of tropical blend, lime ginger beer and some of the originals like cream soda and root beer. So, bad news, no more pluot, so I missed the chance to send you some. Good news? I didn’t fall off the wagon because the pluot soda was all I really wanted. If they restock it, I will let you know.

          1. Great! It’s distressing to know I’ll never get to try the pluot but Good to know you are still alive 🙂

  3. Giant is primarily Southeast/Mid-Atlantic as I recall. The logo on the bottles is (left side of label, right above the name of the flavor) is the same as Stop-and-Shop which is all over New England, so maybe it’s there too. I’ll have to check 🙂

    1. Martin’s and Stop & Shop are basically the same thing – they share club rewards. Giant has the same branding as Stop & Shop but it has it’s own club card and won’t take the others. Confusing because we have all three in driving distance here in Maryland 😛 I’ll keep an eye out for those sodas!

  4. By the way, Hammond’s has a few different bars at Target. They aren’t very good. The ‘Pigs N Taters’ didn’t have any really distinct flavor except “salt” and something wholly unpleasant. The cookie dough one was pretty weak too, a very mild cookie dough flavor.

  5. Aren’t there two Giant chains in the mid-atlantic area, that are technically sister companies but run separately because of unionization or something? Anyone who may know more be able to say if they still carry the same products? I’m in Syracuse, NY but don’t drink alcohol so when on road trips I already hit certain stores for sodas I can’t get in this region (Canada Dry Black Cherry Wishniak at times is worthy of a road trip to Philly, as only Wishniak I can get up here is Franks and Stewarts in small glass bottles, not 2 liters) and Giant is along the way down.

    1. Yeah, the one in your area is Giant Eagle, and the one in mine (mid-atlantic) is just Giant. The Pluot soda is so good.

      1. I have been watching for it on eBay and Amazon since there are none near Ohio, but no luck so far! I really want to try the pluot! The peach pear also sounds great.

        1. I don’t know if it will make it on to amazon, and it would be insane to buy it via jacked up prices on ebay. If you are able to figure out the postage and what not, I have packing material (big amazon prime fan), and I can send you some, if you want.

          1. Big THANK YOU from one fellow foodie to another! I’ll see what I can find out about costs. Happy holidays!

        2. No problem. Check back in with me after the holidays. Maybe one of those one-rate priority usps boxes will work? That would make it easy to ship, you could just buy and email the label. We’ll chat after the holidays. Have a nice one!

          To be clear, I don’t want/need you to pay me to ship it. I just want you to take care of the shipping. Since the sodas are on a 10 for 10 promotion, I can cough up the cost of soda. HOWEVER, if you fall in love with the Pluot and become addicted like I have, then we’re going to have trouble because the demand already exceeds the supply at my local giant, and if they only have a few bottles, I’m not sharing!! 🙂

          1. Lol! I totally understand the supply and demand thing! Can’t wait to try the pluot and the peach/pear if they have it! You will definitely be hearing from me after the holidays and thanks once again, it’s very awesome of you to do this 🙂

          2. Hi H! I haven’t forgotten about you. We’re just able to finally dig out from that snowstorm! Shew. Anyway when you get a chance, please check out the stock on those sodas. I’m still very much interested and excited to try them out. Thanks!

  6. I tried the Peach/Pear, Pluot, and Black Cherry Cream. My least favorite was the Pluot, very intense smell and flavor. lt literally reminded me of a Glade fragrance in the form of a drink. The others were ok. I am going to go back and try the rest.

    1. THat’s funny! I am obsessed with the pluot soda. THey have a 10 for 10 deal, and I am embarrassed to say that 10 bottles lasts less than a week. Ok, less than half a week. I’m not usually a soda drinker so I know I’m probably taking in a bag of sugar a week. But I don’t care because it is so delicious. However, I didn’t like the black cherry cream. Though I don’t like cream soda to begin with. I tried the peach/pear, and it doesn’t taste like much, except it does smell like pear. I had the rootbeer, it was ok. I don’t love rootbear to begin with, but it was better than, say, MUG.

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