SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Strawberry Milk Chocolate M&M’s

Strawberry Milk Chocolate M&M's

If these are supposed to be for Valentine’s Day, why aren’t they called Milk Chocolate Dipped Strawberry M&M’s? (Spotted by David M at Walmart.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Strawberry Milk Chocolate M&M’s”

  1. Strawberry Milk flavored M&M’s would have been more fun. They had cherry before, and they were ok but really quite sweet. I’m thinking Strawberry would do better. M&M’s seems to have better luck when flavoring the white chocolate with Candy Corn and Peppermint and what not, I think fruit flavors would work better with the white chocolate, too.

  2. Because chocolate covered fruit is part of the Dove brand. Nonetheless, I hope these fill the void left by the discontinuation of Raspberry M&M’s.

  3. I saw them but refused to get them due to less content (8oz) but same price. I am a huge m&m fan, but get over yourself mars corporation, you ain’t from France with flakes of gold in your chocolate! I’ll pay the price of y’all come up with some better flavors, I mean come on Pringles makes all kinds of flavors, and you mean to tell me y’all can’t do any better with all the things that go so good with chocolate!

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