SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Dannon Light & Fit Greek Mousse

Dannon Light & Fit Salted Caramel Greek Mousse

Dannon Light & Fit Raspberry White Chocolate Greek Mousse

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Mousse (Cherry Cheesecake and French Vanilla)

Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Shortcake Greek Mousse

Dannon Light & Fit Coconut Cream Greek Mousse

Mousse = whipped. Whipped = airy. Airy = It’s like eating clouds. (Spotted by Adam S and Lauren W at Tops Friendly Markets.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Dannon Light & Fit Greek Mousse”

  1. Though i sometimes tend to stir mousse until it is not fluffy and airy anymore (more creamy) i’d love to try those flavors. I mean salted caramel!, raspberry & white chocolate an cherry cheesecake?!?!?!
    kinda jealous right now, that i won’T be able to try them ^^

  2. I have to find these esp the caramel. Hard to find flavour as it is but I love those Whips yogurts frozen!

  3. Tried the caramel one. Tasted like sweet water or something. Texture is spot on but the flavor is awful!

  4. tried 3 of them, both very good including the salted caramel one (maybe Fran had a bad cup?) ; airy but at the end of the cup quite satisfying snack overall

  5. I found the Strawberry Shortcake and it wasn’t very impressive. It smelled lovely, vanilla custardy. The taste was very bland; a mild strawberry at best. The texture was just a more “airy” than the Yoplait Greek Whips and overall unsatisfying.

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