SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chobani Flip Chipotle PIneapple Greek Yogurt

Chobani Flip Chipotle PIneapple Greek Yogurt

This sweet and spicy snack is made up of pineapple yogurt, chipotle flavored granola, smoked almonds, and pumpkin seeds. To be honest, I’m disappointed it doesn’t have chipotle yogurt. (Spotted by Elizabeth L at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Chobani Flip Chipotle PIneapple Greek Yogurt”

  1. Maybe it due to the dairy cutting the spice in there. So it is ideal to put in the granola so people can control the spice.

  2. Given that pineapple works well with heat as a meat marinade, I can see how this could work. But as something you just shovel into your mouth on its own? I dunno…

  3. Just had it, bought it for a laugh, ended up nearly licking the container. The balance is spot on. This is legit.

  4. So good! The granola and pumpkin seeds are perfectly crunchy. The heat plays well with the pineapple yogurt. The “afterburn” is more like a warmth, not full on heat. I will buy this again.

  5. the pineapple has such an authhentic taste it was as if i was biting into a fresh one. the granola is so fantastic with the crunch and the smooth heat. its tangy, tasty, and a great buy!

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