SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Kellogg’s PB&J Strawberry Jif Cereal

Kellogg's PB&J Strawberry Jif Cereal

Strawberry!? If this sells well, I hope grape is next. But I can’t think of a cereal that’s been grape flavored. The closest has been any raisin bran and Grape Nuts, which has no grapes. (Spotted by John W at Meijer.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Kellogg’s PB&J Strawberry Jif Cereal”

  1. I picked this up yesterday. The flavor is a little unbalanced- the strawberry seems to overpower the peanut butter. It’s not bad though, and I really like the regular Jif cereal, so I’ll probably end up finishing the box.

  2. Sir GrapeFellow in the 70s was grape flavored. That is the only one off hand I can think of.

    1. Yes from Ralston he was the foil to Baron Von Redberry. In fact Sir Grapefellow makes a cameo in the Christopher Lyod Blockbuster video exclusive flick Flakes. A person complains he is given grape cereal when he is denied the Freakies cereal he truly wants.

  3. Jif PB&J is my favorite new cereal in months, if not years!

    As for grape cereals, someone beat me to the Sir Grapefellow punch (ha, punch? Get it?) But I definitely think the blatant labeling of STRAWBERRY on the box means grape will be next if this cereal earns the success it deserves.

    Or maybe we’ll get a random grape cereal out of the blue/purple? Screenshot this wild prediction in case it actually happens: when the new Godzilla an King Kong movies come out, we’ll get Vanilla Godzilla and Grape Ape cereals to tie-in.

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