SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal

Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal (Apple Cinnamon and Maple Brown Sugar)

Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal (Strawberry and Peach)

So it’s like regular Yoplait Plenti, but without the flax and pumpkin seeds, and with a whole lot more oats. (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Yoplait Plenti Oatmeal”

  1. Go home Yoplait, you’re drunk. Regular Plenti was such a slimy, weird experience so I can’t imagine that adding more oats will improve the texture.

    1. Haha that was my thought exactly. But I guess some people like ‘overnight oats’ so it might be similar. Not my thing though. I do find the containers adorable (saw them in store).

    2. I beg to differ. I love the Maple Brown Sugar flavor. It’s my breakfast at work most days.
      Different strokes and all that stuff!

  2. I have actually tried both the Apple Cinnamon and the Maple Brown Sugar flavors. They are great! I personally like the Apple Cinnamon better as it is a little sweeter and the apple chunks are awesome!

  3. I had tried the original Plenti, and this one is so much better. The package is awesome too. I had the vanilla Oatmeal Meets Greek Yogurt yesterday, and it was great. It reminded me a little of rice pudding. I will buy the other flavors too.

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