Dove Milk Chocolate Strawberry Sorbet Bar

Dove Milk Chocolate Strawberry Sorbet Bar

Dove Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet Bar

Dove Dark Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet Bar

Feeding your significant other a Dove Milk Chocolate Strawberry Sorbet Bar on Valentine’s Day is romantic, right? (Spotted by Amanda at Kroger.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Dove Sorbet Bars”

  1. alright… i kinda feel stupid now… (raspberry) sorbet covered/coated in chocolate? Why did i never think about that myself? it’s so obvious… -.-

    1. Raspberry sorbet (or any flavor sorbet) and magic shell is a winning combo. I’ll have to look for these Dove bars!

      1. and so easy to make… just take sorbet coat it with melted chocolate and et voila… you have something delicious ancy and good looking for dessert…
        i still feel stupid… especially ’cause i’m pretty sure i already had this amazing combination…

  2. Dark chocolate frozen raspberry sorbet bars are totally awesome!!!!!!!!! They are very tasty and refreshing. Love them.?

  3. OMG. The strawberry sorbet bars are amazing. Even better than I expected them to be. They taste like chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. Amazing! Please keep these on the shelves! Got mine at Walmart in Denham Springs, LA.

    1. Excellent review you wrote Shannon!! What a special treat to have at home while
      relaxing on the sofa watching First Wives Club (the original- lol).

      Ahhhh peaceful & delicious this is….

  4. Bought the Dove dark chocolate raspberry sorbet bars this week….wow….just wish they were larger…no big deal , I ate two….

  5. I love the strawberry sorbet. I have been getting regularly. But now no more. Our store no longer have them. So we have to go out of town to find them.
    But we will find them

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