SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Gatorade Frost Arctic Blitz and Icy Charge

Gatorade Frost Arctic Blitz and Icy Charge

Yeah, Arctic Blitz and Icy Charge aren’t descriptive flavor names. But if you’re wondering, Arctic Blitz is watermelon honeydew flavored, while Icy Charge is pineapple lime. (Spotted by Josh at Kroger.)

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43 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Gatorade Frost Arctic Blitz and Icy Charge”

  1. I thought it was blue and yellow made green, but green (lime) and yellow (pineapple) made blue?

    And honeydew and watermelon certainly don’t make me think of the arctic, nor are pineapple and lime “icy”.

    Very odd flavor names.

  2. Ooooh! I’ll have to try those.

    And… food coloring. I’m sure the “fruit flavors” are clear as they’re probably artificial anyway, or a mere “2-5%” juice.

    1. I just bought the arctic blitz and it says “contains no fruit juice” and to me it tastes like a fruit by the foot

    1. Icy charge is pretty good. Very surprised at the combo of flavors. I drank the whole 28oz. bottle in a couple of mins. I never do that.

  3. Ive had both (finishing up Icy Charge now) and theyre both amazing. Granted Gatorade rarely misses in my book. If you havent tried them yet, try them.

  4. I saw Icy Charge for the first time last night and thought it was Riptide Rush. I held both bottles next to each other and compared ingredients. They were literally the SAME thing except the last 2 ingredients were switched around (I think red 40 and blue 1 or something). They both had those 2 ingredients but Riptide Rush had red before blue and Icy Charge had blue before red. Lazy, Gatorade.

    1. Except the amounts of everything in each formula, particularly with the natural flavoring, are likely different also. And as long as a flavoring is produced from it’s original source, it can be called and listed as a natural flavoring. AND, if you’re using multiple flavorings that all are natural, then they can still simply be listed as natural flavorings. So no, they’re not the same just because the ingredient lists are similar. Don’t shit all over someone else’s work if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  5. Just trying Arctic Blitz now. Not knowing what the flavors actually were made choosing a crap shoot, but I HATE pineapple, so I chose correctly. Light and crisp!

  6. I absolutely hate watermelon flavored products. With that being said, Arctic Blitz was surprisingly delicious. Well done, Gatorade. Well done.

  7. Found on another site that icy charge is a combo of grape and melon. idk. all I know is that I hated it and I LOVE pineapple. Didn’t taste a hint of lime in it either, If there is pineapple, it’s masked behind some fruit I strongly dislike lol… Unfortunately there isn’t much info out there on this flavor. There’s just this site which says it’s pineapple and lime and one site that says grape and melon. I wish Gatorade would just tell us lol. In case you’re wondering where I read grape and melon, here is the link

  8. Thought Icy Charge was Cascade Crash rebranded was very dissapointed. Artic Blitz was great though.

  9. There’s a new frost now just found it yesterday Summit Storm. Frost flavors taking over

    1. Is it exclusive to 7-11 or is it available in other stores? $1.50 is a lot to pay for a gatorade bottle, I can spend $1 for a 32 oz bottle elsewhere

      1. I’ve found artic blitz and icy charge at both meijer and kroger and they have the 32oz for less than a dollar and they have 8 packs of the 24 Oz bottles

      2. We sell both at my tiny grocery store. It’s up to the vendors to distribute it.

  10. If some limited flavors do well enough (like Green Apple in 2014 which then became a permanent flavor in 2015), then it should become a permanent flavor. Maybe Lemon Ice will this year. And Summit Storm might in 2017.

  11. Love both of these flavors hope they stick around. The icy breeze is my favorite of the two.

  12. Artic blitz is amazing!!!! Need to try the other 1 yet. I love pineapple but mixed with lime I’m not too sure about!! Gatorade is awesome! !

  13. I was at my local Target yesterday & found both of the new flavors. I didn’t know they were releasing any so I grabbed a 12 pack of Arctic Blitz & an 8 pack of Icy Charge. I just tried both & they’re really good! The icy Charge definitely tastes a little pineapple, I don’t taste lime, it’s very fruity. The Arctic Blitz was very good too, very tasty. I’m still trying to decide which I like better! Before these came out I mostly drank Glacier Freeze, Icy Blue or Powerade Mountain Berry Blast. If you see them, get some, they were selling fast yesterday.

  14. Tried them both. Though I really didn’t care of either of them, I thought Arctic Blitz was a little better than Icy Charge.

  15. Icy blast was not at all what I was expecting. x| pineapple lime should be banned.

  16. Icy charge tastes great!! I’d compare it to a mix of mango extremo and riptide rush so the mango/grape combination that one commenter mentioned sounds the most accurate to me. Best drunk cold at 3am after a late night

  17. The strawberry kiwi has and always will be my absolute favorite gatorade flavor. I love Icy Charge and Arctic Blitz tho. Arctic Blitz is my favorite of the two, it has an apple taste to me, similar to apple juice thats not from concentrate but actually made from apples. I love it poured over ice!!!! Its delicious, satisfying, and quenches my thirst. ???

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