SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Mystery Flavors (2016)

Peeps Mystery Flavors (2016)

Update: We reviewed them! Click here to read our review.

My guesses: cinnamon bun, sriracha, and chicken. (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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48 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Peeps Mystery Flavors (2016)”

  1. I am unfortunately obsessed with Peeps so I bought these as soon as I saw them today. My guesses on the flavors are buttered popcorn, chocolate – maybe devil’s food? – and the last one is fruity and sour and I can’t place it. It almost tastes like those rainbow sour strips of candy.

    1. I agree on the chocolate (kinda hot chocolate like) and buttered popcorn. Have yet to try the other yet.

      1. Sour cherry is EXACTLY what I said I thought number 3 was as well. Haven’t tried the others yet. Would love to try the buttered popcorn. That’s my favorite Jelly Belly jellybean flavor!

    2. That’s what I thought too. Popcorn and …something tangy. I don’t like either lol.

    3. Definitely buttered popcorn for 2. I guessed mocha for 1 and kids are saying Sour Patch Kids for 3 lol.

  2. #1 is for sure chocolate (like dum dum sucker chocolate). I haven’t tried #2 yet, but #3 is a fruity flavor… Almost a raspberry?

  3. 1. Hot Chocolate 2. Buttered Popcorn 3. Raspberry Lemonade

    Not a 100% sure on the 3rd one but between my boyfriend and I, it was our best guess.

  4. I’ve tried mystery flavor one and it doesn’t taste like cinnamon bun to me. It’s actually more like s’mores.

  5. I agree with the people who voted “Buttered Popcorn” for #2, though my initial reaction was “Pretzel.”

  6. Your comments are making me salivate. I’ve been a Peeps fan forever. Must try new flavor. . . . Must try new flavor. . . .

  7. i was thinking e 3rd is like black cherry cola,dr.pepper,or 7up; but then got to thinking maybe the powder sugar stuff in a baby bottle pop or something O:< ive had it and smelt it I just can't put a name on it.

  8. My guesses are hot chocolate, Buttered popcorn, and sour cherry.. idk if I am right tho.

  9. I agree with buttered popcorn. I’m thinking the fruity one might be cherry limeade?

  10. 1. I couldn’t taste much difference between from a regular peep, maybe a heavier vanilla flavor?
    2. Definitely popcorn, I could smell it more than I could taste it, though.
    3.. Lemon or something citrus.

  11. #2 is buttered popcorn. I only grabbed #2 and extremely disappointed as they are really freaking nasty.

  12. #1 is definitely chocolate. You have to smell as well as taste, because it’s the olfactory nerves in your nose that differentiate specific flavors.
    Haven’t tried the others yet.

  13. #1 is hot chocolate; #2 is buttered popcorn; #3 is strawberry shortcake… In my opinion.

  14. Husband said “#1 is Red Velvet Cake – #2 is Buttered Popcorn – #3 is Cherry Limeade”
    I said “#1 is Devil’s Food Cake – #2 is Buttered Popcorn – #3 is Tangerine”
    Neighbor said “#1 is Chocolate Chip Cookies – #2 is Macaroni & Cheese – #3 is Lemon”
    92 year old lady said “#1 is Hot Chocolate – #2 is Popcorn – #3 is Lime Jello”
    10 year old girl said “#1 is Chocolate Cupcake – #2 is Popcorn – #3 is Sour Apple”
    her 10 year old twin brother said “#1 is Fudgecicle – #2 is Pretzels – #3 is Lemon-Lime”

    Peeps Mystery Flavor Survey of Guesses

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