SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fritos Classic Ranch Corn Chips

Fritos Classic Ranch Corn Chips

So if there’s a Fritos Wild ‘n Mild Ranch, would this one be considered a wild Fritos Ranch or a mild Fritos Ranch? (Spotted by Lori G at Walmart.)

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23 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fritos Classic Ranch Corn Chips”

      1. they were out in the early 90’s, I remember eating them in class while I was in HS

    1. They had ranch Fritos about 15 to 20 years ago finally they are back best Fritos ever I’ve been waiting yummo

  1. Got these over the weekend. Taste like Cool Ranch Doritos, but better. I’m hooked.

  2. Been waiting years for Ranch Frito’s to come back out. I ? them but all of a sudden they disappeared again. Can’t find them anywhere….

  3. My wife hates Fritos but she loves these that’s how good they are. They fly off the shelf so fast they can’t keep them in stock I hope they ramp up production.

  4. I loved them when they came out in the 80s when I was a teen they were called “wild n mild.” I found them on Mother’s Day in Walgreens in Houston near my house and was elated! They are the same color bag just different name and taste exactly the same. My friends back home said they can’t find them so they ask me to ship them some but they are very hard to find and the store I found them at are already out!

  5. These are my absolute favorite snack! So glad to have come across them again!!!

  6. Early 90s my cousin and I was so hooked on these so was my parents. Then they disappeared. I was super excited to see they are back but I’m sure not for long. These don’t seem as ranch flavored as they one were but still tasty. Need a little more ranch on them!

  7. I am beyond thrilled!! We were at Walmart last weekend and when I went down the “Chip Isle”, I couldn’t believe what I saw!!! I have been talking to my husband and friends for years on “What ever happened to Ranch Fritos”? They were the best of the best of Fritos!! I bought three bags, and have eaten and passed on to the family and told my husband that we have to go back to the same Walmart ( as not all Walmart’s carry them ) to purchase more. Please continue to distribute to other stores and please keep them on the shelves!!! Thank you so much for introducing them to this generation who weren’t as fortunate as we to have them!! They’re the best!!! Thank you, thank you so much!!!!

  8. I am confused why most say they love them but no one is answering the question as to where they are at.OMG

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