SPOTTED ON SHELVES: 7-Eleven Select Soda by Jones Soda Co

7-Eleven Select Soda by Jones Soda Co

The line is available in five flavors: Bluesberry Smash (not a spelling error), Tropical Slam Rambutan (if you’re wondering what a rambutan looks like, it’s a neat looking fruit), Fruit Loose (should’ve been called Froot Loose), Twisted Citrus (nothing interesting to say about it), and Cocolocolilinut. They will have 76 milligrams of caffeine in each serving. (Spotted by Aaron S at 7-Eleven.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: 7-Eleven Select Soda by Jones Soda Co”

  1. Tropical slam rambutan and the cocolocolilinut flavors sound interesting. Tropical slam rambutan is the first time I’ve heard of rambutan being used in a soda before. Also Hawaiian Liliko’i flavor is added to the cocolocolilinut flavor. I def gotta scope out my local 7 eleven now.

  2. Rambutans are awesome when they are fresh. In Thailand the locals would bring them to us in large baskets and we’d eat them all day for hydration. Later we found out they have a laxative effect. The Royal Thai Marines were laughing at us but we loved them.

  3. The blueberry one tastes like drinking blue raspberry syrup. Way too much sugar. I had to cut it with a gatorade.

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