SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Bud Light Lime Limited Summer Edition Water-Melon-Rita

Bud Light Lime Limited Summer Edition Water-Melon-Rita

What fruit won’t you Rita-ize, Bud Light Lime? (Spotted by Breanna at Food Lion.)

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16 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Bud Light Lime Limited Summer Edition Water-Melon-Rita”

  1. Some of these are (relatively) drinkable, but there is no way I’ll buy this one. Watermelon has got to be one of the worst drink flavors. Always tastes like pure syrup

  2. watermelon flavored alcohol almost always tastes like jolly ranchers,plus they only sell these in packs of 8 ounce cans ive never seen them in a normal size

  3. I found them at my Walmart the single big can size and also at heb and gas stations

  4. Just bought these on impulse. They taste and smell like perfume. It is seriously soooo gross!!!

  5. Don’t waste your money$$. They are gross. Like a previous post said, it taste like perfume.

  6. To each his own. It isn’t right to tell others not to try something just because YOU didn’t like it. I tried the Mango-ritas recently and loved them. I didn’t care much for the Lime or Strawberry. I haven’t seen the Watermelon or Rasberry yet but will definitely try them. When I first try something like this I will go to Brookshire Bros. where they have a basket with different flavors and I can buy one of each to see if I like them.

  7. watermelon was the best flavor, please bring it back. Cherry taste like cough syrup.

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