SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Caramel Marshmallow Sugar Babies

Limited Edition Caramel Marshmallow Sugar Babies

I look forward to these sticking to my teeth and using my fingernails to pry them off. (Spotted by Jason M at Dollar Tree.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Caramel Marshmallow Sugar Babies”

  1. These ive got to find. Marshmallow and caramel together covered in chocolate. What can be better. Hope they didnt change the caramel in it..

    1. There is no chocolate, just sugar baby caramel and “marshmallow”, it’s not spongy like marshmallows it’s still sticky like the caramel. really good though. i found mine at Dollar Tree as well, only place I’ve seen em.

    2. I just found these at Dollar Tree as well. Haven’t had Sugar Babies in some time, but always liked them and these caught my eye. They were actually quite tasty (and my 4-year old agreed!)

  2. Didn’t even know they were still making sugar babies, the mainstay of my extreme youth spent in movie theaters on Saturday afternoons when movies cost fifty cents and Gene Autry and his horse reigned supreme. Not to worry about pulling out fillings- the way to make sugar babies last all the way through the movie is to suck on them, not chew. Mmmm good.

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