FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s McCafe Carrot Muffins

McDonald's McCafe Carrot Muffins

Last year we posted something about McDonald’s testing freshly baked muffins by Quaker under their McCafe brand that came in three varieties — blueberry, double chocolate, and cranberry orange. While All-Day Breakfast has been rolled out nationwide, the muffins haven’t.

McCafe muffins are still being offering in select areas and there’s even a new flavor — carrot. Impulsive Buy reader Brad sent us the photo above, which was taken at his local McDonald’s in Chicago. While carrot muffins are new at McDonald’s in the U.S., our Canadian friends have had carrot muffins for years at their McDonald’s locations.

If you’ve tried the carrot muffin with a cup of hot McCafe coffee, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

4 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: McDonald’s McCafe Carrot Muffins”

    1. I loved the blueberry and carrot muffins. The new blueberry muffins doesn’t compare. Please bring back your old muffins!!!!

  1. Dear Folks at McDonald’s

    I’ve had the pleasure of sampling your fruit explosion muffin (I think that was the name of it)
    and I just want to compliment you & yours on the wonderfully delicious tasting muffin it
    was. I have no doubt that the other flavours are most likely quite tasty as well.
    Congratulations Folks at McDonald’s on this tasty dessert for after a meal, or for later in the day, while watching TV.

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