SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sprite Tropical Mix (2016)

Sprite Tropical Mix (2016)

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

Last year, Coca-Cola brought back Sprite Tropical (Remix), but it was only available in the Southeast. But now it appears, thanks to this photo taken in Washington, it’s back for a limited time for possibly everyone else in the country. (Spotted by @CrystalineFlask at The Jackpot, a gas station.)

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26 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sprite Tropical Mix (2016)”

  1. This is like my favorite drink and it’s only around rarely in small bottles in some gas stations. I really wish they would make it more readily available in 2 liter bottles.

      1. there’s a bunch at the cougar village campus express mart at the university of houston, on wheeler street.

  2. Bought this at a gas station in Orlando,Fl. They really need to bring it back permanently. Best soda ever.

  3. I spotted this at a local bodega corner store in the Bronx. GREATEST SPRITE I EVER TASTED ! To much sugar tho ?

  4. Just picked it up in Raleigh, NC. Well, technically Fuquay Varina, NC but still. So happy to have this back! also, it appears that it might be a new yearly revival (I hope!!!!) because it’s now listed as Sprite Tropical Mix rather than just being called “Sprite Tropical” as it was before. Regardless of the minor name change it is still so very, very good. The gas station was pretty sketchy. I thought for sure that it was just a bottle that had never been thrown out from 2015 but it’s fresh! Glad to see others are getting to experience it that didn’t get to the last time around!

  5. Last time I seen and had this shit was in 5th grade and I’m now 27 going on 28 this year and this shit is the BOMB!!!! sprite please sell this alot more or all the time I want 2 litters of this shit !!! Please this is the best ever

  6. Got some from a gas station mechanicsville va corner of polegreen and leedavis rd

  7. PLEASE I NEED Sprite tropical mix or whatever the name is . I live in Hendersonville NC 28792.
    I need at least 6 cases. The moment you twist that top off and smell the strawberry flavor you know you are in Heaven.
    I found my first and only one in a vending machine in a prison in Morganton,NC. I can’t find it anywhere. Not even Walmart!!PLEASE HELP

  8. Found one in February 2017 at a gas station, not realizing it was a limited release. I loved Sprite Remix back in the early 2000s! If i’d known it was a limited release, I probably would have bought every last one!

    1. 2 gas stations near me have this stocked constantly (Sunoco if you were wondering) and now have Peach Fanta. So I can get both whenever I want now.

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