Mars Maple Candy Bar

Oooh, I can imagine a Milky Way bar with érable instead of caramel. Yes, I totally wrote the French spelling of caramel. (Spotted by Tara at Zehrs Markets in Canada.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN CANADA: Mars Maple Candy Bar”

  1. Sounds like the perfect spoon for the Edy’s/Dreyer’s Vermont Maple Syrup ice cream.

  2. Oh man, I hope this means that Maple Coffee Crisp and Maple Oh Henry! make a comeback.

      1. In the mid-00s, Coffee Crisp rolled out some limited edition varieties. One was a maple-flavoured bar, which, if memory serves me right, was around during the summer of ’06 (around Canada Day). I never saw it again, but I guess it’s possible that it may have been around in other parts of Canada (I live in Toronto). It was so good! There was also a yogurt CC which was all white. I miss that one, too…

        I can’t find any photos of the maple Coffee Crisp, but I did manage to find a shot of the maple Oh Henry!, which had some freaky red fudge inside.

        1. Sounds awesome! I moved to the states in 06 and missed it. I did get a French vanilla cc last month and cafe latte last year. Also these little cc bites w caramel that were great a few years ago. Yum!

  3. Does anyone know how or where these can be purchased on line in the states ? Any help is much appreciated !

  4. I tried these when in Newfoundland and absolutely loved them but cant find them anywhere

  5. We found them at a couple of gas station markets when in Toronto about 5 months ago. Never saw them anyplace else.

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