SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepsi 1893 Original Cola and Ginger Cola

Pepsi 1893 Original Cola and Ginger Cola

Update: We reviewed the 1893 Ginger Cola and Original Cola! Click here to read our Ginger Cola review. And click here to read out Original Cola review.

They’re made with kola nut extract, certified fair trade sugar, and sparkling water, which is the same stuff found in Pepsi’s Caleb’s Kola. The beverage also reminds me of Pepsi Natural, which had kola nut extract, sugar (probably not fair trade certified), and sparkling water. (Spotted by Jason G at Walmart.)

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29 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Pepsi 1893 Original Cola and Ginger Cola”

  1. I ordered both of these a couple days ago. They should arrive soon. It’ll be interesting to see what Pepsi does with the ginger ale. I’m more of a coke fan but I won’t turn away a Pepsi offered.

  2. I had The ginger one and I thought it sucked my mom thought it had some kind of Medicine taste to it but I don’t taste it

  3. Meijer in the Midwest is carrying them. I love it. I’m from michigan where Vernors is something everyone drink. The ginger cola is very strong and has a great taste.

  4. I tried the ginger cola and it was absolutely amazingly refreshing. Really good crisp flavor. I love it and hopefully it stays on shelves permenantly.

  5. The Ginger Cola is my favorite cola at the moment. It reminds me of the Holiday Spice Pepsi that came and went one holiday season in the early 2000s. It’s warm and spicy, and would be amazing as a mixer.

  6. Not a fan of Pepsi but decided to try this new cola anyway. Didn’t expect much but was pleasantly surprised. Light and refreshing with a good strong flavor and no overwhelming sweetness. If this is based on or inspired by the original Pepsi recipe I have to wonder what has happened since then because today it’s way too sweet and has such a terrible aftertaste. This version is much, much better.

  7. I can not purchase the 1893 or the ginger one in Canada and the New ginger pepsi that is in canada is made with Glucotose fructose(modified corn syrup) i am only able to drink it with real sugar due to my corn allergy so i go across the border to resupply i really like the smooth taste of 1893

    1. I am still waiting for Surge to come out in stores. I hope Pepsi does a better job stocking the shelves.

      1. I just bought a surge the other day at a Walmart supercenter, it was in one of the coolers by the check out

  8. I realize the person who “spotted” it found it at Walmart, but in what state? For some reason, these specialty drinks don’t always get carried in Arizona. I had to go to Los Angeles to get Pepsi Natural when it came out. This I’m much more interested in.

  9. These finally showed up at my local Ralphs grocery store here in LA after seeing the commercials for two weeks. I raided half the display like a friggin addict and I wish they came in packs like Red Bull as it took a while scanning 15 cans at the self checkout…Also got a few of the ginger colas and I’m going back to get more. The manager said there should be a steady supply, but being the hoarder i am, i will clean out the rest of the display on my next trip.

  10. Can anyone find this in NYC or Essex County, NJ? Maybe Essex county is a stretch but I’ve checked on 34th street and in Times Square and it isn’t anywhere and there’s no chance I’m buying it on Amazon for $18 a can?

  11. BTW, there’s a corner store in Jamaica queens, ny Across the street from the library selling Sprite Tropical Remix IYI (if you’re interested).

  12. Found 1893 regular (no ginger yet I guess) finally in NYC, raided all 8 cans in the fridge and left none!

    #spotted, CVS, 5 penn plaza (corner of 34th st and 8th Ave) 10001

      1. I don’t know but it’s a good bet. I know the penn plaza cvs is out now regrettably. And they haven’t restocked

    1. Thank you! I live in Queens and I’ve yet to see the new Pepsi 1893. I’ll stop by CVS this weekend.

  13. Just found both kinds at the Walmart in Show Low, AZ-along with a Dark Berry Mountain Dew. So glad a plane trip to Los Angeles is unnecessary. They’re listed as available at the one in Taylor AZ, too. So anyone looking for this can check their local Walmart store online for availability. Can’t wait until it’s cold enough to try.

    1. Stacey E
      Thanks for the head up. There’s ginger cola 1893 in a Walmart, but it’s all the way in the next county over! I’m running out of luck here!

  14. Thank you Pepsi God! You brought Pepsi 1893 in all it splendor to me, here in East Orange, New Jersey! And $1.25 a can too, man all my teeth finna rot!

    ###spotted Pepsi 1893 Regular and Ginger
    @ Shoprite of East Orange, 07017

  15. I’m an old timer—coke and pepsi both used to have a “cola” taste–hard to describe, ang considerably more carbonization than the current imitations. I’ve heard that was done because a;. cans couldn’t handle the pressure. Currentcolas are just sweetened seltzer with a fint faint flavor.

  16. Good flavor and rich flavor thickness. (Cola)

    Most convenience stores told me they had already tried this product and it didn’t sell, but still found it at Racetrac in Orlando.

    Tastes better than the cane sugar Cokes (from Mexican bottlers.)

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