SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Gatorade Frost Summit Storm

Limited Edition Gatorade Frost Summit Storm

I’d like to meet the people responsible for coming up with Gatorade flavor names because I have several dozen ideas I’d like to run by them, like Icy Chill, Summer Kapow, and Gelid Winter Splash. (Spotted by Joshua G at 7-Eleven.)

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15 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Limited Edition Gatorade Frost Summit Storm”

  1. Spotted @7-11 on Race Track Road in Bowie, MD.

    Tried it, not a fan. It’s definitely sweet, but the flavour is so thin I couldn’t identify it. Reminded me of watered-down Kool-Aid more than anything else.

  2. I like this one. My first impression was pineapple or banana, and then that “Pineapple Orange Banana” juice I used to drink as a kid. I heard someone else say that they think it’s peach, which is fair. I later tried “Icy Charge” which even moreso tasted like pineapple.

    1. Icy charge is pineapple lime so that was correct. This summit storm is a peach blend.

  3. Can’t get enough of it. Right around the corner from me at 7-Eleven in Charlotte NC. A delicious blend. I believe it to be Peach Flavor as well. Could not figure out at first but also think it has a hint of tea flavor as well. And it’s funny because I don’t drink tea. But can definitely taste and smell it.

  4. this is rare? i had it so many times and i still hate it, they are always at gas stations around me

  5. I thought it was really good, did they stop making already, haven’t seen it at any of my nearby 7-11’s.

  6. Is gatorade zero sold in any major grocery store chains? So far all the only places I’ve seen it is 1 7-11 and 1 gas station convience store.

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