FAST FOOD NEWS: Sonic Soda Pop Shoppe Sweet Cream Sodas

Sonic Soda Pop Shoppe Vanilla Cream Fanta Orange

If you think Sonic has a lot of drink options now, well, the fast food chain has just added a whole lot more. Their Soda Pop Shoppe line are hand-crafted sodas, available in two options: Old Fashioned Sweet Cream Sodas and Classic Sweet Cream Sodas.

The Old Fashioned version combines carbonated water, flavored syrups, and sweet cream. It’s available in a variety of flavors, which include Vanilla, Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, Blue Coconut, Blue Raspberry, and Green Apple.

The Classic Sweet Cream Sodas are made with flavored syrups, sweet cream, and popular sodas including Dr Pepper, root beer, and Coca-Cola. The flavors include Cherry Sweet Cream Dr Pepper, Blue Coconut Sweet Cream Coke, Strawberry Sweet Cream Coke, Cherry Vanilla Sweet Cream Coke, Strawberry Sweet Cream Root Beer, Vanilla Sweet Cream Fanta Orange (shown above), Strawberry Sweet Cream Fanta Orange, and Chocolate Sweet Cream Root Beer.

Sonic’s Soda Pop Shoppe Sweet Cream Sodas are available for a limited time. They’re also half price every day from 2-4 p.m. during Sonic’s Happy Hour.

If you’ve tried any of them, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

(Image via Sonic.)

20 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Sonic Soda Pop Shoppe Sweet Cream Sodas”

  1. Got the old fashioned grape at our local Sonic. So glad I got a small because it was horrid. No sweetness or pleasantness at all. Hopefully it was just because of an inexperienced employee, but it stunk.

  2. I had the old fashioned cherry cream soda. It was also horrid. Tasted mostly of soda water no cherry or cream flavor. Either they need more training or to revamp their formula.

  3. If you are used to drinking soda, this may not be your thing because it’s not nearly as sweet as you’re used to getting. Coming from someone who doesn’t normally drink soda though, this is yummy! I’ve had the old fashioned vanilla three times in the last week. Tastes just how my mom used to make it!

  4. I got the classic cherry vanilla sweet cream coke. It was so so sweet like barely drinkable…

  5. Tried the cherry vanilla sweet cream coke too – yes, it’s SWEET! It mostly tastes syrupy. That said… I kind of like it for some reason – I’ve had it twice and crave it. My boyfriend likes it too but he loves overly sweet stuff.

    He also tried the vanilla sweet cream root bear; he said unlike mine, it didn’t taste like straight up syrup and he liked it. I took a sip but seriously all I could focus on was the root beer, cause uh, I hate root beer. Hate. Yep, still tasted like it (unlike my cola).

    We tried our own creation too – a green apple sweet cream Dr. Pepper, because I get that all the time without sweet cream and LOVE it. This sucked, we both thought it sucked. It tasted like my usual except very flat.

  6. I ordered a cherry sweet cream coke today and I think they forgot my cherry. But it mostly tasted like a coke float. Like they just added melted vanilla ice cream to my coke. It wasn’t overly sweet but I would have liked my cherry flavoring. I’d buy another one.

  7. Cherry coke with sweet cream. No flavor, no really NONE. Tasted like flat carbonated water. Good thing it’s a limited time offer because they won’t make much money from it.

  8. I have had the orange and the old fashioned cherry, i would never drink them again……..i asked the manager to remake it and when he brought it back out i asked him to drink it first and he gaged and asked if there is anything else i would like. Its bad when they wont even drink there own drinks!!!!!!!

  9. We tried several sweet creams drinks last night and they are horrible. I do not drink soda (so am not used to sweet drinks at all) but these were like soda water with a teaspoon of milk and three drops of flavor. Nothing sweet at all! Not even a little bit sweet. No flavor to speak of either. Gag!

  10. I am addicted to the vanilla sweet cream soda! I have found that I actually like it better when ordered with very light ice and then after it has sit in the refrigerator for a bit. If this soda is only there a limited time I will be heat broken. I actually order more than one and take them home so I can have one a day. Like I said, I am completely addicted to this one!!! Hats off to the creators of this drink!

  11. Boy, I sure wanted to like this. But the grape cream soda I had was terrible. (off topic, but so was the caramel creamery shake I had later that day)

    I expected something like a cream slush, but this was watery, not particularly creamy, grape or sweet. I assumed the person who made it just didn’t do it right, but it sounds like a lot of people have had similar experiences.

    Very disappointed.

  12. I tried the vanilla sweet cream Fanta orange and it was delicious! Will have it again.

  13. Tried the cherry old fashioned sweet cream. It was terrible. Tasted like soda water with some cream. No cherry flavor, or sweetness. Very disappointed. I thought the might have made it wrong, but this sounds norm. Won’t be wasting money on any more.

  14. Totally excited to see this item offered on the menu the other day and Ordered the cherry sweet cream soda, and…. flat! unsweet! creamy water?? Perhaps if they added a special sweet syrup to hold everything together, cause the cherry, grape, strawberry syrups don’t pack much flavor. Or what *if* they just added some ice cream tooit, along with some whipped cream and a cherry??

    Had the Blue Coconut + Sweet Cream + COke combo = and it tasted really good, though!!

    Good idea, very appealing, but it needs to go back to the drawing board and have some taste testers in on the action. 🙁

  15. I tried a vanilla sweet cream dr. Pepper and man my stomach has been burning for 12 hours . Not getting that again!

  16. I am a chronic soda drinker.Ordered grape creme.It was a nice change for me.Not soo sweet.Trying to kick the soda habit but it is very hard for me.

  17. Hey, guys! I had a bit of the same problem the first few times I had this drink….too watery, almost no flavor. I knew there had to be something wrong! With a couple of conversations with the employees, I found out most of them didn’t know how to make these drinks properly. When I was ordering Sweet Cream Blue Coconut Coke, they were using almost all Italian Sparkling Water, and shots of “coke syrup” instead of actual Coca-Cola. When I had it made with the actual soda, it was delicious!!

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