SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN AUSTRALIA: Oreo Thins (Vanilla, Lemon, and Tiramisu)

Oreo Thins Tiramisu (Australia)

Oreo Thins Lemon (Australia)

Oreo Thins Vanilla (Australia)

Oreo Thins have just hit shelves in Australia. The tiramisu one gives me hope that the U.S. might see a coffee-flavored Oreo cookie soon. (Spotted by Jason in Australia.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES IN AUSTRALIA: Oreo Thins (Vanilla, Lemon, and Tiramisu)”

  1. Tiramisu oreos would be a good idea. No brainer. They could make it golden wafer then lightly dust with chocolate

  2. If you are gonna make a lemon cookie, don’t use chocolate wafers (maybe white chocolate). Lemon and chocolate? No. Orange and chocolate maybe. Cherry would have been good.

    1. The Lemon Twist (chocolate wafers + lemon cream) that came out last year were actually really good.

  3. As an American living Down Under, I might have squeaked a bit in the grocery store when I saw these, and my Australian companion thought I’d gone insane. I’ve tried both the lemon and the tiramisu varieties, and really liked both. The lemon flavour is quite delicate, and doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate in the cookie. I thought it could have been stronger, my Australian taste-tester thought it was just right.

    The tiramisu one is more like a coffee-chocolate cookie. I thought it tasted fantastic, with a strong coffee flavour. The Australian taste-tester liked it, but thought the coffee was too much, and ended up preferring the lemon.

    Haven’t tried the vanilla. I will, but I’m assuming that this is just a slimmed down regular oreo.

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