SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster Gronk Energy Drink

Monster Gronk Energy Drink

Many athletes have their own shoe, but not many have their own energy drink. (Spotted by Drew W at Millers Food Market.)

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18 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster Gronk Energy Drink”

      1. Sorry I just look it up and saw that it was do you know if they still make Shaqu Fu Juice I hope they do because I have been trying to find it but can’t

  1. My husband and I have both tried this new flavor and agree it tastes almost exactly like the origional Red Bull flavor.

    1. I’m sure he’s doing stock, therefore the gloves. Protecting the hands and providing extra grip.

  2. I got mine at Woodman’s for the regular Monster can price ($1.85 here.) Like everyone else is saying, it tastes EXACTLY like original Red Bull, which is very good!

  3. Found it at speedway. Hebron,oh.
    As others have stated it taste like red bull. Can says 144mg caffeine per can.
    I think it has a longer after taste then red bull does.

  4. This arrived at gas stations all around me in ashland, WI.
    Tastes and smells like OG redbull. Trips me out. Not a bad thing, but probably not necessary. I just like it because 16 ounce monsters are 2/4 here, as opposed to 12 ounce red bulls for 3 bucks.
    Overall Not bad.

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