Fiber One Ice Cream (Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Truffles, and Coffee & Donut Dough)

Fiber One Ice Cream (Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel & Truffles, and Coffee & Donut Dough)

Fiber One Ice Cream (Fudge Brownie and Creamy Vanilla)

Fiber One Ice Cream (Fudge Brownie and Creamy Vanilla)

Five grams of fiber per serving and probiotics? Fibertastic! (Spotted by Katie K at Hy-Vee.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Fiber One Ice Cream”

  1. Probiotics can’t survive being frozen. Not sure if that hinders or helps with the pooping, though.

    1. Actually it is the opposite…probiotics love being frozen…they naturally micro encapsulate them selves and wait to be warmed in your stomach…all good. Probiotics are fragile with heat and quickly die in a warm environment.


  2. Be VERY cautious with a fiber-laden ice cream. They probably use inulin (chicory root extract) or something similar as they do with their bars. I first discovered I had a problem with chicory root extract (and other fakey fibers) years ago while pigging out on an excellent non-dairy ice cream that also had 5 grams fiber per serving, also because of added chickory root extract. I figured I could eat all I wanted since it was non-allergenic. I was in great pain for three days from trapped gas in one very reproducible site in my digestive tract… Even activated charcoal didn’t make it budge. So don’t gobble it down because 1) FiberOne makes dieter crack so of course their ice cream will be tasty and 2) it’s allegedly “healthy” because of the added fakey fiber. Go slow to see how your intestines feel about it. Google for

    FiberOne bars make me fart

    for an ongoing list of tales of woe that some kind soul has collected. In my case, of course, I would have been overjoyed to fart… But inulin and other fakey fibers (which provide bulk but probably not the other health benefits of normal fiber in food) can be bad news for many people in large quantities and you may not realize you’re one of them until you get a lot at once. The company is in deep denial and assumes the problem is not all that fakey fiber but people not being used to fiber or not drinking enough water, which is true in some cases (people were eating several bars at once and wondering why they were having trouble…) but not in many other cases. My body does fine with loads of fiber from real food.

    1. Chicory root fiber is not fake, it is from a vegetable source, it is natural, NON GMO, and safe. The only reason you had issues is because YOU overloaded… this would occur in a GI tract with ANY fiber. As you said ” pigging out on on excellent ice cream”.
      The overdoing it is what gave you issues.
      Products with fiber claims are marked ” increase your fiber intake slowly.”
      This is true for the bars too, and why no one should eat several bars at once.
      Read… and be smart next time!

      1. EXACTLY. Fiber needs to be added slowly to the diet if you aren’t used to it. I am… I’ve eaten beans my entire life as well as whole grains and high fiber vegetables to Fiber One bars don’t affect me in a negative way. And you’re right about the chicory root being a vegetable source. How someone considers that fake is beyond me. Researchers do say that an increase in GRAIN fiber is best, but vegetable fiber also helps. And you’re not supposed to LIVE on Fiber One bars. They should be a supplement to an otherwise fiber rich diet. There are a lot of people who can’t seem to stomach fiber (sorry), including my sister, but that’s because she has been on a meat binge her entire life… and she’s 67 now. When I tell her to increase her fiber slowly, to count the grams and work up to the 25 she’s supposed to have every day, she tells me the gas it creates is too bothersome. BTW, she’s going in for a colonoscopy next week after getting a positive result from a FIT kit test.

    2. Your comment is completely contradictory. You first say Fiber One bars have “fakey” fiber in them (not true. Chicory root is a vegetable source), that the Fiber One company is in denial, then you go on and on about people who eat too much of it at once, those who don’t drink enough water, and how people need to go slow when they eat it. Make up your mind. BTW, there is nothing “fakey” about Fiber One products. Most Americans don’t eat hardly any fiber so they aren’t used to a healthy diet. The going slow part of your comment is good advice, but that’s about it.

  3. TARRYTOWN, NY–(Marketwired – Dec 2, 2016) – NightFood Holdings, Inc. (NGTF ), a fully reporting “better-for-you” snack company, today announced that it has agreed to terms and signed a definitive agreement to acquire Suffield Foods, LLC, and Hook Marketing, LLC, contingent upon NightFood providing ongoing operating capital for Suffield operations.

    Hook has been granted a license to manufacture and distribute Fiber One™ ice cream, and conducts operations through its subsidiary, Suffield.

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