SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Project 7 Birthday Cake Gourmet Gummies

Project 7 Birthday Cake Gourmet Gummies

Odd, but not surprising since Project 7 likes to get creative with their flavors. The gummies are also available in Grapefruit Melon, Rainbow Ice, Front Porch Lemonade, and Sour Caramel Apple flavors. (Spotted by Valerie P at Target.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Project 7 Birthday Cake Gourmet Gummies”

  1. So my Target has a party mix pack that has the Birthday Cake along with Rainbow Ice and Front Porch Lemonade. I have to say the Cake, is NOT good.Its a really weird batter type taste that if you didn’t know it was birthday you wouldn’t exactly know the flavor. The Lemonade is a great one, really has the sour lemon refreshing feel to it. The Rainbow Ice well, that one is hard to put an exact flavor on but it is a berry type flavor.

  2. Interesting flavours esp
    A creamy flavour like caramel and cake but the gums disappoint. Kinda suspicious of these too. Usually really pricey too.

  3. I bought this gum years ago in southern california. It is not a new product by any means, and while the flavor is good, it doesn’t last.

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