SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull 2016 Summer Edition Kiwi Twist

Red Bull 2016 Summer Edition Kiwi Twist

When “twist” is part of a fruit flavor name, it usually means there’s some citrus or something. But what if the twist here is that it taste like kiwi…the bird. (Spotted by Josh at Kroger.)

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12 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Red Bull 2016 Summer Edition Kiwi Twist”

  1. I saw the photo, gasped in excitement thinking they brought the Lime flavor back. Then actually read the post realized it was Kiwi. # disappointment

    1. That makes two of us. Lime was the only flavor of Red Bull that I actually like (I’ve come to…tolerate the regular stuff and the Tropical is pretty good).

      Admittedly I still prefer the various incarnations of Rockstar, but occasionally I’ll get a desire to drink RB. I just wish it wasn’t so friggin’ expensive.

      1. I do enjoy the regular flavor. But yea the price is insane, even when you could get the 8.3oz cans for 2/$4

  2. The tropical flavor is actually the only one I would buy and drink so far. Not even the original one is tempting enough due to it’s high calorie ratio and the fact that there are way better alternatives (acai!!) out there. But kiwi as flavor sounds tempting again… ^^

  3. I just spotted it at Albertsons and caught my eye as I’m an avid RB drinker….love them, can’t wait to try the Kiwi, I will add comment on how it was.

  4. this is actually the best tasting redbull i’ve tried. It almost tastes like strawberry-kiwi juice with a hint of white grape. Doesn’t feel like I’m drinking a redbull at all.
    I used to have a white grape soda in Japan with peeled grapes in it, and it tastes exactly like this redbull.
    I find the regular flavor to be quite metallic tasting.
    From what I’ve tried, I’d rank them (1=best
    1 – Kiwi
    2 – Blueberry
    3 – Orange
    4 – Tropical (but honestly its too sweet it tastes like tropical gum)
    5 – Original Redbull
    Havent tried any others. I drink them as an energy drink though, not as a mixer.
    Rockstars make me nauseous.

    1. Ikr! I tried every monster,rockstar,nos,amp and redbul out there and so far this one is shocking good!

      Followed by the red, blue and then rockstar whipped strawberry and rockstar sparkling peach

      These are the only 5 that taste nothing like a traditional energy drink

  5. I got the bright idea to try this tonight with strawberry vodka, jager bomb style! Strawberry kiwi bombs!!

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