SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Reese’s Creme Puffs and Hershey’s Mini Eclairs

Reese's Creme Puffs

Hershey's Mini Eclairs

Oh. My. Goodness. (Spotted by Rachel C at Walmart.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Reese’s Creme Puffs and Hershey’s Mini Eclairs”

  1. Oh my goodness is right. And they sell them at Walmart too! Doing the Homer Simpson drool.

    1. Probably closer to 3-4 if they are the size I think they are.. (which isn’t massive, but a “1 bite” puff)

  2. I am guessing since it’s spelled “crème” it’s not made with real cream?
    Also the accent mark on E means it should be pronounced “Kremm.” But manufacturers prefer to pronounce it the same as cream, great stand in word for when inferior ingredients are used.

  3. The Creme Puffs look a little to much like a Buckeye. I would be disappointed to get that instead of a Buckeye. The Eclairs look pretty good, and at least they don’t have the “Chcolately Coating” of the puffs.

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