SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Creamy Bacon Potato Salad Potato Chips

Lay's Creamy Bacon Potato Salad Potato Chips

I wonder if Lay’s added some kind of potato seasoning to make it taste more like a regular potato instead of a potato chip. Is there such a thing as potato seasoning? (Spotted by Mike C at Walmart.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Creamy Bacon Potato Salad Potato Chips”

  1. This flavor sounds yummy to me… Who doesn’t like potato salad? Especially when bacon is thrown in the mix? Larry The Cable Guy’s best selling potato chip is Tater Salad flavor. I am going to keep an eye out for the new Frito flavor and give you my honest opinion.

    1. I;m with you. I will never not buy a new chip flavor. Will give hem a shot and if they are bad then i won’t buy again.

  2. They are amazing. Don’t really taste like potato salad but they do taste like bacon.

  3. These are so yummy!!! I can taste the potato salad in it but it definitely has a bacon flavor too! Hope these stay on the shelves .

  4. These taste like bacon had a baby with sour cream & onion chips. Heavy on bacon and onion, with the “creamy” part not really very strong. They are crazy salty too.

  5. Tried them. Has the same acidic aftertaste as vomit. So bad. I felt sick after trying them.

  6. These chips are out of this world! I bought a package and on a whim tried them. Bween looking ever since anc can’t find them.

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