SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Beer ‘n Brats Potato Chips

Lay's Beer 'n Brats Potato Chips

This was spotted in Wisconsin, of course. If you’ve seen it in another state, let us know in the comments. (Spotted by Mike S at Pick ‘n Save.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Lay’s Beer ‘n Brats Potato Chips”

  1. Saw this at FoodMaxx in Oakland, California along with the Ruffles “All Dressed” chips.

    1. What Schnucks? I live in Peoria, and someone said they were at the Schnucks in Pekin, haven’t found them anywhere 🙁

      1. Just picked up a bag at the Schnucks in Springfield… on par with my favorite so far, which are the Chicken & Waffles.

  2. Picked up a bag at a Roundy’s in Fond Du Lac WI. Imagine that, beer n brats in Wisconsin!

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