SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cheesecake and Chocolate Dream Pie

Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cheesecake

Duncan Hines Perfect Size Chocolate Dream Pie

It is the perfect size, Duncan Hines. It’s the perfect size for someone to bake and take to work to bribe thank coworkers. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Walmart and Amy B at Publix.)

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One thought to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cheesecake and Chocolate Dream Pie”

  1. I found this Duncan Hines Chocolate Dream Pie at my favorite super market, Super Foodtown in Red Bank, NJ this past Thursday and couldn’t resist putting it in my shopping cart along with the Lemon Lime version. Tonight, Sunday I couldn’t wait any longer for my chocolate graving and this pie came to the rescue. I didn’t have any milk but I had one cup of Richs’ Coffee Rich non dairy creamer and a half a cup of heavy cream to make the pudding. It turned out perfect with this substitute!!!!!!!!! Delicious for sure esp. with a dob of cool whip :>)! My only issue with this pie is the lack of enough crust, that was lame. I would double this amount with the recipe. Easy and quick to throw together a plus without the mess and prep for the basic recipe for this type of pie.

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