Here are some interesting new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of the products, share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Entenmann's Limited Edition French Toast Loaf Cake

Entenmann’s Limited Edition French Toast Loaf Cake

As with all French toast flavored products, I want to turn these into French toast. (Spotted by Jen H at Publix.)

Old El Paso Bold Spicy Cheddar Flavored Taco Shells

Old El Paso Bold Spicy Cheddar Flavored Taco Shells

Old El Paso Locos Taco Shells. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

Hormel REV Pepperoni & Cheese Bites

Hormel REV Pepperoni & Cheese Bites

“Tasty cold”? I don’t believe that. (Spotted by Lindsey C at Kroger.)

Ripple Plant-Based Milk (Chocolate and Original)

Ripple Plant-Based Milk (Chocolate and Original)

Pea milk. Also, at first glance, I thought the bottles said “nipple.” (Spotted by Elizabeth L at Target.)

Tim Hortons Vanilla Iced Capp

Tim Hortons Vanilla Iced Capp

Hey Canadians! Enjoy a Tim Hortons Iced Capp without entering a Tim Hortons! (Spotted by Curtis T at Walmart in Canada.)

Thank you to all the photo contributors! If you’re out shopping and see an interesting new product on the shelf, snap a picture of it, and send us an email ( with where you found it and “Spotted” in the subject line. Or reply to us (@theimpulsivebuy) on Twitter with the photo, where you spotted it, and the hashtag #spotted. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 8/3/2016”

  1. I’m starting to wonder what the heck is wrong with my Walmarts. Many times I see items on clearance that I’ve never seen on shelves, most being brand new items like the Taco Hummus and Spicy Shells for instance, which I picked up for 50 cents.

    I have yet to try these shells out, but the other ones are so good.

  2. The Entenmann’s is basically cinnamon cake with powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Not bad, really, but it doesn’t scream French toast.

  3. The Ripple vanilla and chocolate are fine – the flavors cover the base well enough. The unflavored version is undrinkable.

  4. Ripple tastes pretty good on cereal, almost like a soy milk, and I like the fact that their bottles are recyclable. Most plant based “milks” use Tetra Pak cartons which aren’t recyclable in my area. Another brand called Califia Farms has the right idea too, using only recyclable plastics for their containers, but they only do almond milks. Usually almond milk is peoples go to gold standard when it comes to plant based milk, but I love my soy milk lol.

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