WAYSNACK MACHINE: Limited Edition Apple Pie Snapple Pie Juice Drink

If there wasn’t the photo above, I imagine it might be hard to believe Apple Pie Snapple Pie existed. I think the only other way you’d believe it is if the underside of a Snapple cap told you it was real.

Or maybe not.

The all-natural juice drink that sounds unnatural came out in 2003. I took this photo in 2005. There was also Berry Mix & Mingle Snapple Pie, which I didn’t even bother picking up when I saw both beverages at 7-Eleven.

I’ve had several apple pie-flavored products over the years and all of them, except this Snapple, were solid food. But, surprisingly, this beverage was the closest tasting to an actual apple pie. It even had a bit of crust flavor. Oh, I know the idea of drinking crust sounds weird, but it wasn’t. It was another W word — wonderful.

Sadly, this limited edition flavor disappeared from refrigerated beverage cases. At the time, I wish I called the Snapple Lady to tell her how much I loved it. My efforts might’ve saved Apple Pie Snapple Pie, or get me a nice letter from Snapple corporate thanking me for being a fan with a few coupons for free Snapple.

Since a number of beverages have been rescued from Discontinued Island, like Surge and Crystal Pepsi, I have hope Apple Pie Snapple Pie might find its way back onto shelves. While not as beloved as Surge and Crystal Pepsi, if you do a Google search, you’ll find links that lead to several folks who want to taste this apple pie-flavored beverage again.

Did you try Limited Edition Apple Pie Snapple Pie?

12 thoughts to “WAYSNACK MACHINE: Limited Edition Apple Pie Snapple Pie Juice Drink”

  1. There was a Snapple Cider tea in the mid 90s that has since been discontinued. I think there were 3 flavors and one of them tasted exactly like Apple Pie and was a lot better than the actual Apple Pie flavor you have posted.

    1. I would pay a $100 for a case right now I love Snapple Apple pie I really hope to see it again

      1. Bannana flavor was great. Snapple pie (apple pie flavor) was great too. Seems all the flavors i like get discontinued. ?

  2. Yes, my 23 year old son just mentioned literally a few minutes ago how he loved the Snapple Apple Pie drink he bought one time at our local Chinese fast food restaurant but that he never saw it again. What are the chances of seeing that drink resurrected?

  3. It was delicious, and tasted just like its name. I really hope it makes a comeback. Fingers crossed ?

  4. The Dutch Apple Pie flavor and others came out in the 90s and they were great! I hope they come back!

  5. I remeber the Apple Pie Snapple. If you ask my opinion it was one of the Snapple brand’s greatest hits. I’d love to potition to bring this back as a permanent flavor. I fully support this idea.

  6. This was my favorite Snapple of all time…I seriously pray every Thanksgiving that they will bring it back and keep it going ??????

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