FAST FOOD NEWS: DQ Bakes! Snacks Menu

DQ Bakes Snacks Menu

Dairy Queen has rolled out a new line of oven-hot products called the DQ Bakes! Snacks Menu. Yes, that’s a weird place for an exclamation point.

There are four savory products available:

Soft Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso: Three soft pretzel sticks topped with salt and served with warm zesty queso dipping sauce.

Potato Skins: Potato skins filled with zesty queso cheese sauce, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, and seasoned with a dash of salt & pepper.

Buffalo Chicken Snack Melt: Grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing and melted cheddar cheese inside a tortilla.

Chicken Bacon BBQ Snack Melt: Grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, bacon and melted cheddar cheese inside a tortilla.

Everything on the DQ Bakes! Snacks Menu is under two dollars for a limited time at participating locations.

If you’ve tried any of them, or bought all four to create a meal, let us know what you think in the comments.

(Image via Dairy Queen)

3 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: DQ Bakes! Snacks Menu”

  1. As a pretzel lover, I had to try them. They come out warm, covered with butter and salt. A generous cup of queso too. They were delicious.

  2. I love pretzel anything, so I was excited to try these. The pretzels were soft, hot, salty and had a brush of “butter”. The cheese dip? Fail. I can’t even tell you what it tasted like because mine was ice cold, as if the kid just pulled it from the fridge. I would honestly go back just for the pretzels, they were really delicious. Extra bonus; I didn’t have to pull into a mall parking lots and drag my kids through crowds to go find pre-heated pretzels at a food court. Thank you, drive-thru.

  3. Tried the DQ soft pretzel sticks today — WOW. They were delicious!! Auntie Anne’s has some serious competition here. More convenient too, as there are way more DQ’s that are easy to get to than mall pretzel places.

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