FAST FOOD NEWS: Mac n’ Cheetos at Sheetz

Mac n' Cheetos at Sheetz

If you missed Mac n’ Cheetos while it was at Burger King, you have another chance to try them if you happen to be near a Sheetz. Thanks to Impulsive Buy reader Craig K for sending in the photo above. Mac n’ Cheetos will available for a limited time at participating Sheetz locations.

If you’ve seen them at other convenience stores, let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Mac n’ Cheetos at Sheetz”

  1. Disturbingly enough, Sheetz also sells Mac N’ Cheese bites, which are similar but lack Cheetos flavor and shape.

    Contrary to what was said on the podcast, these don’t sit around all day, they are made to order.

  2. Was going to report this when I heard it on the podcast.

    Have gotten them a few times at my local Sheetz here and they are made on the spot and actually are not that bad when they are made this way. Worth a second chance for those with a sheetz nearby.

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