SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster Mutant Super Soda

Monster Mutant Super Soda

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

Meet Monster’s Mountain Dew competitor. I’m surprised Monster didn’t take it a step further and call it MTNT Super Soda. It has 115 milligrams of caffeine per 20-ounce bottle. (Spotted by Gary A at Wawa.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Monster Mutant Super Soda”

  1. Have had each of these a couple times, now! I think I enjoy em as much or more than Mtn Dew.! The green tastes somewhat like Vault or the old MDX made by Mountain Dew. The red tastes kinda like Code Red with a little bit of a Baja Blast flavor in it.

  2. I’ve had both of these and wasn’t super impressed. I will agree that the green tastes like Vault. I’ll stick to my lo-carb Monster in the morning and a can of Mountain Dew in the afternoon if I’m still dragging.

    The price point is good though considering the brand.

  3. A friend of mine but a couple of them and wanted me to try since I’m a big Mountain Dew fan she said you will really love this. And I have to say she was right. I liked it a lot better than I did Mountain Dew since they have changed their flavor. If I can find them in a store near me this is going to be my number one drink. Way to go Monster Mutant Soda.

  4. I just came across the green Mutant soda at a United Dairy Farmers store in Cincinnati (Clifton and Ludlow) and had to buy it. I was pleasantly surprised – it was quite good. I’m a die hard Mountain Dewer, been drinking it since 1974 and enjoy all the flavors. I’m a Monster fan too, but not of the “Monster” flavor and was afraid this soda would have the Monster taste, but it doesn’t! Looking forward to finding and trying the red version as well.

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