Ice Cream Sandwich

Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

Via The A.V. Club: Here’s how ice cream sandwiches are made

The clip, aptly titled “Ice Cream Sandwiches,” goes through the process of how ice cream sandwiches are made, from wafer baking to the almost eerie precision with which a giant ribbon of ice cream is cut and sandwiched.

Via Mic.Food: The wonderfully strange secrets of a food stylist

Common tools for food stylists are tweezers.

Via Bloomberg: Now Delivering: Google Brings Us Burritos by Drone

It hovers about 25 feet above a bullseye on the grass. A white trapezoidal box descends, does a little pirouette, and then lands with a plop. Agents quickly converge on the payload: a braised pork burrito.

Via The New York Times Magazine: The Quest to Make a True Blue M&M

So researchers are still looking everywhere for other natural blue pigments. Among the contenders being tested in laboratories are a berry found in Central and South America, the huito, traditionally used to make dark blue, semi-permanent ceremonial tattoos and as a bug repellent; a blue gardenia flower; red cabbage; aged red wine; a bacteria used to make Swiss cheese; the Japanese kusagi berry; butterfly-pea flowers; and pigments derived from soil bacteria, tree-root fungi, sea sponges and mushrooms.

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  1. I’ve used Spirulina to color a yellow base green. It works out mediocre at best. It’s also incredibly tacky and hard work with – it’d be a nightmare to use in a plant.

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