SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mtn Dew Game Fuel Mango Heat

Mtn Dew Game Fuel Mango Heat

I’m still waiting for a yellow Dew with a blast of banana flavor. (Spotted by Joshua G at Chevron.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Mtn Dew Game Fuel Mango Heat”

  1. I saw it at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on 151st in Olathe, Kansas. They always seem to be the first place in the area to get new stuff. They had Crystal Pepsi a week before anyone else.

    And it’s alright. I’m not a huge mango fan, so I probably won’t get it again, but it wasn’t bad. The “heat” is in the back end; you’ll feel a spicy burn as an aftertaste, similar to the burn you feel from liquor. Like it’s not a spicy taste, but feeling.

  2. Anyone notice how the calories for a Game Fuel went from 290 to 170. Very strange and in my opinion it doesn’t taste different.

  3. Mango Heat is not very good. It’s not as bad as the Lemonade from 2014, but it’s not a flavor that I would buy again. The heat in the aftertaste is just awkward. Does not work for soda in my opinion. Yes, the ingredients are different for both Game Fuel flavors this year. They are now using lower calorie sweeteners, which cuts the sugar down to 46g per bottle. Also, it cuts the calories way down. 100 per can now. I personally have not noticed a difference in the taste, and I’ve been a fan of Game Fuel Citrus Cherry since 2007. However, some YouTube reviewers have said that it doesn’t taste the same. Take that for what you will.

  4. The taste of the soda itself isn’t bad, but the aftertaste is unbearable. Not sure why they thought putting less sugar in a Mt. Dew product was a good idea.

  5. I tried the Mango Heat and it wasn’t bad, but I could tell something was off and I guess having less sugar is why. I’ve tried Fanta Mango and it was pretty good and I’d probably get it over Mountain Dew Mango Heat.

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