BACK ON SHELVES: Pomegranate 7Up (2016)

Pomegranate 7Up (2016)

Pomegranate 7Up is back! And this year, instead of throwing loose change into The Salvation Army kettles, you can buy Pomegranate 7Up to make a donation. Although I imagine for each bottle sold, the organization gets significantly less than what you’d throw into the kettle. So I guess do both? Here’s our review of the soft drink from 2007. (Spotted by Carla at Safeway.)

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4 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Pomegranate 7Up (2016)”

  1. Super excited for this…. all the other brands seem to be all Cranberry for the holidays. Wish they woulda brought back the Tropical 7up this summer again though 🙁

  2. No way… I just did a look into this soda last month. Insane. I got out my old pics of it from 2009 an everything.

  3. I am definitely looking forward to this. I get an Italian soda sometimes that is pomegranate and lime that tastes like this.

  4. We really don’t know why something so good like this soda it’s just produced once a year… what a waste of marketing.

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