SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sun Tree Almond Snacks (Snickerdoodle, Oreo, and Nilla Wafer)

Sun Tree Almond Snacks (Snickerdoodle and Oreo)

Sun Tree Almond Snacks (Brownie Walnut and Nilla Wafer)

You know what? My taste buds are tired of having just salt on almonds. Thanks, Sun Tree! (Spotted by Carla at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Sun Tree Almond Snacks (Snickerdoodle, Oreo, and Nilla Wafer)”

    1. There near the deli sections at certain Walmart. I bought them in TX and once i came back home to NC i cannot find them anywhere

    2. I bought these nuts before the first of the year thinking they might disappear because many think snickerdoodles are Christmas cookies or related. I can’t find them now. Wal-Mart kept them in the fresh produce section with other packaged nut products. God Luck — They are delicious and I’m looking for more . . .

  1. Nilla Wafer are awesome!!!!
    I bought them in the deli
    area at Walmart. They are Very Very good find!!
    I will most definitely buy these again. ?

  2. Thanks to all! 1st it seems ‘new’ does not last. 2nd describing what they are is tough. 3rd is where they are in a Wallmart! Next for me was how long ago I found them, for the 1st time. I went to a few other stores, then saw Spotted in site. Location in store is ‘Spot one! I was looking in the cookie section at Target today. Thanks again.

  3. I just discovered these last night at Wally World and I LOVE them!!!I I purchased the Orea and Nilla flavor-I will be going back this evening for the Snickerdoodle.

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