SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Martin’s Funnel Cake Flavored Potato Chips

Martin's Funnel Cake Flavored Potato Chips

If these chips existed in 2005, they would’ve blown my mind. But in this day and age of Lay’s Do Us a Flavor chips and holiday Pringles, I’m not surprised by this flavor. (Spotted by Drew W at Miller’s Food Market.)

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3 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Martin’s Funnel Cake Flavored Potato Chips”

  1. Omg they are sooooi good I wish the redners store in Shenandoah pa keeps getting them

  2. I would like to know why no store here in my area doesn’t sell these Funnel Chips by Martin’s!!!!!! Boyers Market in Mt. Carmel PA used to have them and now they no longer sell them!!! Weis Markets in Coal Township and Shamokin and Wal-Mart in Coal Township doesn’t sell them either!!! WHY???????????? The first time I bought them at Boyers I loved them and then didn’t see them for a while and then caught the supplier filling the shelves and asked him. He said they weren’t selling! I told him they were and he Said he would bring them the following Wednesday. I went up and bought 4 bags and that was the last any was brought to the store. What’s the problem?????

    1. I’m a vender serving Supermarkets, and it always makes me laugh when people “tell me what’s selling and what isn’t” I know exactly what’s selling, because I have to credit out what isn’t!! It’s hard to continue bringing in products to satisfy a few buying customers when as a whole a product isn’t selling.

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