FAST FOOD NEWS: Hardee’s Pork Chop ‘N’ Gravy Biscuit is Back Again

Porkchop Biscuit w 3D HFS Logo

Hardee’s has brought back their Pork Chop ‘N’ Gravy Biscuit!

It was introduced back in 2008, taken off the menu, brought back in 2013, taken off the menu again, and, fast forward to 2016, now it’s back for a limited time.

The breakfast sandwich features a boneless, deep-fried pork chop in between two layers of sausage gravy, all of which is sandwiched between Hardee’s Made From Scratch Biscuit. It’s available at participating locations and can be ordered by itself for $2.89, or as a combo meal with hash rounds and a drink for $4.59. Prices may vary by location.

If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think of it in the comments. And if you’re reading this a few weeks from now when it disappears again, voice your frustration about it being gone again in the comments.

(Image via Hardee’s)

11 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Hardee’s Pork Chop ‘N’ Gravy Biscuit is Back Again”

  1. Please leave the pork chop and gravy biscuit on the menu permanently. I go out of my way to buy when they are on the menu.


  2. The pork chop biscuit is the best breakfast one can get through a drive through. Please keep it on the menu. No one else does it better.

  3. I don’t eat the gravy but I love the plain pork chop biscuit. I never go to Hardee’s when it’s not on the menu. Please keep it.

  4. Our local Hardee’s isn’t even carrying it. I really liked that breakfast sandwich before (2013). When you work night shift, you aren’t interested in breakfast food. This was acceptable as after work meal. Too bad they can’t seem to keep this on the menu or on the menu at all, in my case. I have a coupon I got in my paper, but our Hardee’s doesn’t have it on the menu. Disappointing.

  5. Let Let it stay…no reason to take it off unless you wanna piss us fat people off and make us go to bojangles

  6. Pleasantly surprised by pork chop biscuit! It’s delicious! The quality of the pork chop is great-not processed-but genuine boneless chop. It’s tender and the gravy is just the right touch. One of the best breakfast sandwiches around! It’s a keeper!

  7. Love the porkchop and gravy biscuit. I travel 30 minutes just to get this sandwich. Best sandwich ever.

  8. Please leave the pork chop and gravy biscuit on the menu. It is a very good biscuit.

  9. We just had it on the way home from Panama City Beach FL. Stopped at Hardee’s in Alabama. It was excellent! They are building a new Hardee’s here by us in Monroe MI. I sure hope they have it!

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