FAST FOOD NEWS: Dave’s Cherry Cream Soda Only at Wendy’s

Dave's Cherry Cream Soda Only at Wendy's

Long time Impulsive Buy reader Rich sent us this photo of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine offering regular and diet versions of Dave’s Cherry Cream Soda at a Wendy’s location in Cincinnati. As you can see on the screen, the flavor is a Wendy’s exclusive.

There currently isn’t any information about the soft drink on the Wendy’s website. It might be in the testing phase right now. If you’ve seen the flavor at your local Wendy’s, let us know in the comments.

Special Coca-Cola Freestyle flavors are something we saw last year when Burger King and other chains offered holiday flavors.

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  1. This is very interesting! I live about 90 miles east of Cincinnati but I hope my Ohio location has this! I remember Jolly Reindeer from Burger King last year, wasn’t bad at all. Also, Moe’s has an exclusive mix available year round called Vanilla at Peachtree. Haven’t tried it yet but a peaches and cream take on Sprite sounds good to me!

  2. Had the regular version a few days ago at my local Wendy’s. The cherry taste is very faint and not noticeable. The cream sofa is obviously the stronger of the two but I like it how it was. Smooth and tasty.

  3. I participated in a market taste testing group at the Wendy’s HQ in Columbus the other day (not for this drink.) But, they did have the cream soda in the soda machine and on the way out I had the chance to try the diet version. It was AHHHH-mazing and I hope they are planning on having it in all of their restaurants soon!

    1. I had the Dave Thomas’s Red Cream soda in Cleveland, Tennessee, Corbin, Ky, and Columbus, Ohio on North High Street in front of Graceland Shopping Center! It has been many years since I have any kind of soda. I tasted my husband’s drink and I had to have a 40 oz. serving! It it sooo good that I am looking for it everywhere! I guess they are putting it into stores that they are upgrading! Unfortunately, it has not yet come to Richmond, Ky!

  4. They have it at the Wendys’ here in tn/ky. The last in the drive thru talked me into trying it. It kinda tastes like cherry chapstick but I couldn’t stop drinking it.

  5. Fuddruckers has a cherry cream soda that’s a 12 out of 10. I wish the Wendy’s on the east coast had these machines…

  6. I had both in Weston, FL (Fort Lauderdale area) last week – pretty great… The cherry definitely is not the top note, but still hints of it there… Was really surprised they hadn’t done a Barq’s Cream Soda up to this point (especially since vanilla is in the machine)…

  7. Had the regular version about a month ago here in Syracuse, NY. Tasted too artificial.

  8. I get the diet version of this at my local Wendy’s here in MD. Love it. One of my favorite sodas of all time.

  9. Yep it is available here in Louisville KY. I tried it and it was so very tasty. Hope it remains on the menu.

  10. I’m diabetic so I always look for new diet soda choices. My local Wendys has it. Totally a keeper!

  11. I had the diet Dave’s cherry creme soda at the north side store in Spokane, WA. I thought it was great, but my husband didn’t. I would like to know how many calories are in this drink? any sugar?

  12. I am diabetic and have a caffeine restriction. I’m glad to have anot her beverage choice. It has a great flavor. Amite City, Louisiana

  13. It’s thankfully in the Detroit area. I drink the diet cherry cream soda and absolutely LOVE it. Thank you Wendy’s for offer diabetics a great flavor choice.

  14. I had it at a Wendy’s in Fargo. Loved it wish I could buy it at my local grocery store. Definitely a keeper

  15. Purchased a Dave’s Cherry Cream soda from the diet/low calorie selection from the Wendy’s by the Nashville International Airport. Tastes Great!

  16. Had the diet version tonight I’m bend Oregon. I came across this site when I googled it thinking there was no way something that tasty could be diet and was afraid of blowing my keto diet! Soo o good!

  17. I try it boy was it so good im get it again when i go back to wendys thank u dave

  18. I was just a Wendy’s on lower division here in Spokane, Washington and saw the orange version of Dave’s soda available as an option from the coca cola touch machine. Excited to say the least, i selected it for him and i, and boy oh boy we were more than satisfied and happy campers!! We love it and really hope to see it as an option with all the machines around town!!!

  19. This is amazing!! I wish they sold it by the case at the grocery store! My entire family wants Wendy’s, just for this pop.

  20. The Wendy’s in Bucyrus, OH haa both Dave’s Cherry and Dave’s Orange cream soda in the freestyle machine. Diet versions of both I believe.

  21. Just had a cherry cream soda from the Wendy’s in Strongsville, Ohio. Good but tasted like artificial sweetener; guess I should have asked…

  22. Sounds like you accidentally got the diet version. The regular version didn’t taste like any artificial sweeteners were in it.

    1. I wouldn’t mind getting it in a bottle or can, I don’t frequent Wendy’s much.

  23. They just remodel some of the Wendy’s in Niles, Michigan and in South Bend, and Mishawaka, In. They have the drink machine in them and the Dave’s cream soda drinks are here. I really really like all 3 diet flavors. Cherry, wild berry, Nd orange. I’m so glad they finally got something I can drink without sugar and I think they may be caffeine free. Thank you so much Wendy’s for this great improvement.

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