SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Noosa Yogurt (Pear & Cardamom, Apple, and Orange & Ginger)

Noosa Yogurt (Pear & Cardamom, Apple, and Orange & Ginger)

Noosa is coming out with more flavors that are as odd as the spelling of “yoghurt.” (Spotted by Chip at King Soopers.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Noosa Yogurt (Pear & Cardamom, Apple, and Orange & Ginger)”

  1. Looks like some good flavors. Noosa is one of my favorite yogurt brands. I absolutely loooooove their honey, but I find it hardly anywhere anymore.

  2. I love Noosa too – especially the lemon and strawberry-rhubarb. The extra h in yogurt is how the Australian’s always spell it. It’s had various spellings over the years in the US too, “yogurt” was only settled about 1960. In the UK you will see both spellings, but mainly with an h as well.

  3. Their varieties with the spicy peppers in them are surprisingly good. The only flavor I can’t bring myself to try is the one with the Chai in it.

  4. I won’t hold my breath on finding these flavors considering I never found any of the spicy flavors with the exception of the Chai.

  5. Love the pear and cardamom! Wish I could try the Chai as well. I can only find the pear in one store in my state that is a bit inconvenient.

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