Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

“Vile And Amazing”: Fans Of Jack In The Box Tacos Defend Their Undying Devotion (via Consumerist)

Meet the woman behind that viral Wendy’s Twitter burn (via The Daily Dot)

A Cool History of Cookie Puss (via Mental Floss)

KFC Accepts Customer Coupon that Expired in 1986 Because Why Not (via Munchies)

Squamscot Soda: Helping You Wash It All Down Since 1863 (via NPR’s The Salt)

Taco Bell Reveals Top Five Limited-Time Menu Items for 2016 (via Brand Eating)

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  1. I was reading A Cool History of Cookie Puss, and in the comments is a funny Critic reference. Nice.

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