SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Maltesers Candy (U.S.)

Maltesers Candy (U.S.)

Maltesers Candy (U.S.) 2

Not a new candy, but it’s new to the United States. Okay, not totally new to the United States. There were probably some shops that imported them in from Canada or the U.K. But now you’ll be able to find them much easier in the U.S. The candy features a crispy, airy center, wrapped in a chocolatey covering. (Spotted by Rachel C at Macey’s and Jason P at Kmart.)

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12 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES: Maltesers Candy (U.S.)”

  1. Always preferred Mars’ Maltesers over Whoppers myself so this is good news. Mars must’ve recently come to some agreement with Hershey over this as some years back Leaf bought the rights to the name Maltesers in the USA and when Hershey inherited Leaf’s products Maltesers came with it. And in the same way that Heath and Skor still coexist, Maltesers to a (very – almost nonexistent) lesser extent has been coexisting with Whoppers for a long time now.

  2. Ah! But I don’t for a second think you’ll be getting a UK style chocolate on these Maltesers! The difference between a UK and a German malteser is striking – it’s all in the chocolate, which in Germany just doesn’t melt the same and has a more waxy sort of texture. I’m going to assume this is a combination of the milk that’s being used in the chocolate but also that it’s intentional to prevent chocolate melting in a hotter climate. Unfortunately, they’re just not as good with a waxier outer chocolate.

  3. Whoppers have tasted awful to me for years. I used to love them..
    For those of you who have tried both, How much better tasting are the Maltsters?

    1. A friend in the UK sent me some Maltesers a few months ago. The malt center of the Maltesers seems to be the same as the center of Whoppers, but the Maltesers had a thicker outer coating of chocolate, and IMO the chocolate was better. I don’t think Maltesers come in any other flavor, unlike the Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers and the Vanilla Milkshake Whoppers.

      1. Maltesers have, on occasion, come in a White chocolate variety – currently discontinued I think. UK chocolate is generally creamier and more melty than the American version. Like in Germany, I expect these guys will have an American style chocolate coating rather than the creamy one. 🙁

    2. Man!!! I’m from the UK and I’m 56 years old. I’ve been eating these sweets since I was a wee lad and I’m here to tell you….They are hands down the BEST candy EVER!! Get some and you’ll see! I’m so happy that they’re now available herein the USA. There is a slight difference to the British ones. But it’s SO small that it’s not that much of a difference. Purists will disagree with me on this. But hey. At least you Americans will now get a taste of what us Brits have known for years of how good these are! ENJOY!

    3. Whoppers taste disgusting. Maltesers, however, are decidedly delectably delicious !!!

  4. I bought a giant box of these today from Walmart for $1. They were clearanced leftover from Christmas, and no one else touched them (probably because you couldn’t tell what they are from the box alone, if you’ve never heard of them before).

  5. I doubt it’s as good as the Canadian or British version since the ingredients are most likely different (i.e. Fake chocolate and corn syrup). Bummer.

  6. I just found them in Rite Aid yesterday and had to try! Given that I had recently polished off a giant box I had brought back from the UK (I’m British) I noticed the difference immediately. Sadly these are not the same, the chocolate being waxier and less creamy. Not bad but definitely below par compared ):

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