Here are a few interesting junk food-related stories from the past week or so. Enjoy.

Does Nutella really cause cancer? The truth behind the not-so-sweet news isn’t so clear (via Food.Mic)

This KFC Uses Facial Recognition Technology to Tell You What to Order (via Munchies)

50 Sweet Facts About Your Favorite Candies (via Mental Floss)

Green tea Cup Noodle brings matcha to the wonderful world of instant ramen (via RocketNews24)

Sugar, explained (via Vox)

Image via flickr user Brian Cantoni / CC BY 2.0

One thought to “WEEKEND READING – 1/14/2016”

  1. Typical garbage Vox article. Half the facts have noncommittal riders on them.

    The article fails to mention that sugar just isn’t as impactful as salt. You need more sugar to do the same as salt so gram weights don’t exactly tell the whole story.

    Also, yes, so many “processed” foods (love that term, no two people can draw the line in the same place on what is and isn’t) have sugar added… because sweetness helps balance out a food system and brings out and promotes qualities of different ingredients. This is why your enchilada sauce has some sugar in it.

    Sugar isn’t a problem. Self control is. The food companies aren’t sneaking into your house and pouring Pepsi down your throat while you sleep.

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